Julia Roberts And George And Amal Clooney All Hung Out During Ticket To Paradise Filming, And It Sounds Delightful

Julia Roberts and George Clooney in Ticket to Paradise
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The press run for Ticket to Paradise has been filled with countless looks into Julia Roberts and George Clooney’s decades-long friendship. They’ve covered everything from joking about Roberts’ iconic laugh to Clooney’s nickname in his co-star’s phone contacts. Their fun downtime started on the island set after shooting wrapped for the day and the two would hang out together. The Hollywood A-listers weren’t the only ones partaking in the excitement as Clooney’s wife Amal got in on the fun times. The Ticket to Paradise co-stars opened up about the group hanging out during the filming.

George Clooney turned a long movie shoot into a family getaway for his wife and children. While his clan was on the shoot, the two-time Oscar winner didn’t leave out his frequent co-star from the festivities. The Ocean's Eleven star explained to Extra how his family took advantage of being in Queensland, Australia.

This was a good shoot. Amal and I got to go there with the kids and because of the schedule and the sun going down when it did, we were able to finish and then pick up the kids in a golf cart and then pick up Julia — who would not leave our house.

Of course, George Clooney had to get in a cheeky jab at Roberts’ expense. But that’s all part of the movie stars’ well-earned witty rapport. Compared to other film shoots, the actor felt a beautiful island would be the perfect time for a Clooney family vacation. Who could agree with that? Plus, you have Julia Roberts in the mix; it sounds like a blast.

Roberts didn’t let her co-star's joke just fall flat. She joined in by mentioning there were times when she was already on the golf cart prepared for a fun evening after a long shooting day.   

Or I would just be sitting in the back of the golf cart when they came out, like, ‘Hi, you ready? Let’s go!’

George Clooney couldn’t let go of Roberts’ remark as he joked his kids were tired of seeing the Oscar winner regularly. After his sarcastic response, The Tender Bar director recalled the daily fun he, his wife, and Roberts had while shooting the rom-com.

No, it was really fun… Julia was in the house down below us and in the mornings, I’d be like, ‘Cacaw! [Makes bird noise].’ And she would come out and make some weird bird noise and we’d go and get coffee.

Hanging out with the Clooneys and Roberts sounds like so much fun. It must’ve been a sight to see the two Oscar winners enjoying morning coffee at a local coffee shop with his human rights lawyer wife as well. Going on a coffee run showed there were no hard feelings between Julia Roberts and Amal Clooney following her response to her husband and Roberts kissing 80 times in one scene. Of course, Roberts and George Clooney are only close friends to the point where the Best Actress winner struggled to shout at her co-star during another scene.

While George Clooney and Julia Roberts have provided fun interviews, Ticket to Paradise has been met with mixed reviews despite setting a box office milestone for both actors. The rom-com is currently available in movie theaters. After watching the movie stars’ latest pairing, look over our 2022 movie schedule to see what new movies are about to hit the cinema.

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