George Clooney And Julia Roberts Just Hit A Big Box Office Milestone With Ticket To Paradise

George Clooney and Julia Roberts in Ticket to Paraidse
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Ticket to Paradise is the new romantic comedy reuniting fan-favorite actors, Julia Roberts and George Clooney. The two stars have worked together several times and have developed a long-standing friendship over the years. Turns out this friendship has been extremely profitable, and the duo have contributed a heck of a lot to the film industry, to the tune of a whopping billion dollars. 

This weekend, Ticket to Paradise opened overseas, reeling in $60.6M to date (via Deadline). This box office number has also made Roberts and Clooney together a billion dollar industry. The box office numbers from all five productions these two mega movie stars have made together now total to $1.007B at the global box office. The most profitable film is currently 2001’s Ocean’s Eleven, which came in at $451.5M, followed by 2004’s Ocean’s Twelve ($364.3M), 2016’s Money Monster ($93.9M), and 2003’s Confessions of a Dangerous Mind ($36.9M). Ticket to Paradise is still yet to release in the United States, so their box office totals may skyrocket once that happens in the next few weeks. 

This film is also a milestone for both Clooney and Roberts, individually. This is Clooney’s biggest film internationally since his 2016 directorial feat, Monuments Men, and Robert’s biggest since 2017’s Wonder. Both actors have ventured out into television within the last few years, which -- met with a pandemic -- has led to middling box office numbers for the two iconic movie stars. However, Ticket to Paradise is still already a major accomplishment.

Ticket to Paradise should result in big American box office numbers as well, as it not only bolsters major movie stars, but also a crowd pleasing premise. Clooney and Roberts star as a divorced couple who travels to Bali for their daughter's wedding. The two don’t want their daughter to repeat their mistakes, so they team up to try to stop their daughter, played by Kaitlyn Denver, from getting married. Many are excited to see these two back an action, especially after Roberts stepped away from the romantic comedy genre for a long time. 

The film is a traditional rom-com, which was once a slam-dunk for box office numbers, as it usually guaranteed full audiences with many people going out to see their favorite stars fall in love. While the genre isn’t defunct, it doesn’t draw the same crowds as it used to. This was recently proven by the poor performance of Bros within the last few weeks. Many of these films live on streaming now, however the international numbers are certainly a good sign. Ticket to Paradise caters to older woman which is a traditionally underrepresented demographic at the box office, so this film could potentially draw in a new audience. Ticket to Paradise may just be what cinemas need to get movie theater goers laughing again. 

Ticket to Paradise is in theaters domestically on October 21st, and is sure to quickly become a rom-com staple. If you want to revisit another iconic Clooney/Roberts team-up, Ocean’s Twelve is currently streaming for Netflix subscribers, and Money Monster is streaming for free on The Roku Channel.  For more information regarding other films set for release this year, check out our 2022 movie release schedule

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