Jurassic Park Is Rolling Out A Disgusting New Toy, And I Need It ASAP

Laura Dern in Jurassic Park.
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The loudest noise coming out of San Diego Comic-Con is almost always about upcoming movie and TV adaptations, particularly in the superhero, sci-fi or fantasy genres, but within collectors circles, there’s always buzz around artwork, action figures, comics and Funko Pops too. Quite a few franchises use the annual convention, which returned in person this year, to tease or fully debut new offerings, and this year, the Jurassic Park/ Jurassic World franchise was no exception. Mattel gave fans a look at a ton of dino-themed action figures on the horizon, and there’s one that I cannot get enough of.

Remember that scene in Jurassic Park where Dr. Sattler digs through the dinosaur poop to try and figure out what’s going on with the triceratops? Well, that’s being rolled out as a toy. You can check it out in all its glory below…

Dr. Sattler action figure with poop hands.

(Image credit: Mack Rawden)

As you can see in the picture, the Dr. Sattler action figure comes with swappable arms. So, if you’d her to be cleaner and more in line with how she starts the tour, you’re certainly free to keep her that way. If you’d like her to get a little grosser, then you can just swap out the hands and she’ll be quickly covered in filth. The equal parts disgusting and amazing figure is slated to hit the market later this year, along with a dilophosaurus, which looks like it’s ready to spray goop all over Dennis Nedry’s stupid thieving face. They're both part of the Hammond Collection. You can check that one out below too…

A dilophosaurus about to spray goop in Jurassic Park.

(Image credit: Mack Rawden)

Jurassic Park has remained popular since its initial release. The market for collectibles around the franchise has always been hot, but now is a particularly good time to release this figure given Dr. Sattler, played by the wonderful Laura Dern, just returned for Jurassic World 3, alongside characters played by her fellow stars of the original movie Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum. The movie, entitled Jurassic World Dominion, hit theaters back in June and has grossed almost a billion dollars at the box office since its release.

Not surprisingly, Mattel also went big with numerous other San Diego Comic-Con debuts for other franchises. Quite a few WWE figures debuted, including some sweet new retros. In addition, the popular manufacturer gave fans looks at some amazing Hot Wheels pop culture crossovers and a ton of toys around He-Man’s 40th anniversary. 

Over the last decade, the action figure market has really expanded to service both kids who want toys to play with and collectors who are willing to pay for a more premium experience. Regardless of what you might do with this Dr. Sattler figure, it’s a must-own for any Jurassic Park fan, and it’ll also be a great conversation starter given how memorable that scene still is almost thirty years later. 

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