Kristen Bell Shares Funny Video Swooning Over Dax Shepard Doing Yardwork

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard really are couples' goals. Despite the struggles the two of them have been through during their marriage, they still manage to make each other happy. One way Kristen Bell has swooned was watching her husband doing yard work, which she caught on video.

There’s nothing like seeing a man work hard around the house to impress his wife. That’s what Parenthood’s Dax Shepard did for his wife, Kristen Bell, as she made an Instagram video of him hosing off various areas of their yard with Color Me Badd’s "I Wanna Sex You Up" in the background. She captioned that Shepard spent the entire weekend “trying to get in my pants.”

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have been together ever since 2007. They had a three-year engagement that started in 2010, but didn’t want to get married until gay marriage was legalized. To celebrate the overturn of the Defense of Marriage Act, the Veronica Mars star proposed to Shepard on Twitter, and they got married in a private courthouse ceremony. While their love for each other continued to grow, the couple did face some challenges, like when Dax Shepard relapsed. Through honest conversations, she and her husband were able to make things work by coming up with new plans for his recovery. Dax Shepard has been clean since September 2020.

Dax Shepard is clearly the ultimate family man with plenty of funny memories he has shared between himself and his two daughters. For example, there was the time that their children walked in on the two of them having sex! Well, that’s one way for their children to learn about the birds and the bees. There was also another funny parenting snafu when the Zathura actor told one of his daughters not to make a fool out of him after trying to have her give up a toy she brought to bed with her. She responded by cheekily saying, “Daddy, I won't make a fool out of you. I'm gonna make you a star.” His Frozen wife probably should have butted in asking her daughter if she would prefer to build a snowman instead! 

Kristen Bell and her hubby have been in four projects together including being on the run in Hit and Run. They have also teamed up to host a game show together called Family Game Fight where the happy couple is “adopted” into separate families of four to compete in a series of games for a cash prize. Bell and Shepard couple also joined a new streaming show by the creators of Robot Chicken called Ultra City Smiths, and you can watch its first season on AMC+. The star-studded stop-motion series is about two detectives trying to solve the case of the disappearance of the city’s most famous magnate. 

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard continue to make it over the long haul with the love they have for each other and their family. If Shepard tries hard to get into his wife’s pants cleaning the yard, maybe he'd be willing to see her in Frozen 3, assuming that features ends up officially moving forward and is added to the lineup of upcoming Disney movies.

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