Looks Like Josh Gad Had A Great Time Visiting Disney World For The Holidays, But Where Are The Pics Of Him On Epcot’s Frozen Ride?

Olaf in Frozen II
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At this point, Josh Gad is basically a walking Disney mascot. He's the voice of Olaf the snowman in Frozen. He played Le Fou in the live-action Beauty and the Beast. He's also shown up in numerous other Disney projects like the Artemis Fowl movie and he was even the narrator for The Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom on Disney+. It only makes sense for him to go to Walt Disney World to celebrate the holidays, but as of yet he apparently hasn't had a run in with Olaf or any of his Disney alter-egos.

Josh Gad posted some images to Twitter yesterday showing that he and his family were visiting Disney World. He's got some great images, including himself and his daughter riding the Peoplemover, and great pics of his entire group on Main Street U.S.A. However, it's difficult not to notice that there are no pictures of a certain loveable snowman. 

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There are so many opportunities for Josh Gad to come in contact with the various characters that he has played in Disney films, that not seeing this feels almost strange. At the same time, all these pictures are from Magic Kingdom, so it's possible Josh Gad simply hasn't made it over to see Olaf yet. 

The Frozen attraction, Frozen Ever After, is found at Epcot, and the Olaf character meet and greet, when it's available, is at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Since Disney World is  usually a multiple-day experience, Gad and company could be hitting those parks later. 

We've only seen one day worth of images and with a group that large they certainly aren't planning on only spending one day at Disney World. If you're the sort of person who uses Twitter to vicariously visit the parks when you can't do it (I certainly am) then there's a good chance we'll be seeing more theme park pics from Josh Gad over the next few days. So maybe he will say hi to Olaf before he leaves. If that doesn't work, then he just needs to book a trip to Paris or Hong Kong or Tokyo in a couple years. Those Disney Parks are currently building entire lands dedicated to Frozen. He'll certainly find Olaf there. 

Josh Gad did post one other tweet that at least did reference Olaf. He has a pretty funny exchange with Rapunzel on the subject of smolders. Being an expert, Rapunzel discusses the fundamental differences between Flynn Rider's smolder, and what a similar expression would look like coming from Olaf. 

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I'm not sure there's such a thing as a bad time to visit Disney World, but there may be no better time than the holiday season. Seeing the parks covered in decorations simply adds to the feeling of magic. Experiencing that magic with your friends and family is equally special.

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