No Time To Die's Naomie Harris Has A Great Idea On Who Should Become James Bond's Next Moneypenny

The future of 007 is still up in the air, after the 25th James Bond movie, No Time To Die saw an explosive ending to the Daniel Craig era. Now the board is primed to be reset, and not just when it comes to 007 himself. We still don’t know if or how the MI6 family will return in Bond 26, and there’s plenty of room for new blood in the series. Should that apply to Naomie Harris’ role in the franchise, she has a great idea on who should become James Bond’s next Moneypenny. 

Naomie Harris’ Great Idea On Who Should Become James Bond’s Next Moneypenny

Promoting the home video release of the latest 007 adventure, Harris spoke with ScreenRant about the potential future for the character she’s played since 2012’s Skyfall. As the fourth actor to play the role in the franchise’s almost 60-year run, of course she has thoughts on the matter. Which makes Naomie Harris’ ultimate choice even more exciting, and she recently expressed who she thinks would make a fantastic Moneypenny:

I just think Olivia Colman, whatever she does is amazing. And I would just love to see her spin on Moneypenny.

That’s a hard choice to argue with, as Academy Award-winner Olivia Colman would be absolutely dynamite as Moneypenny (or in any role really) in the James Bond universe. With expert comedic timing, as well as the gravitas the Daniel Craig era built its foundation on in Casino Royale, Colman is a prime choice no matter what tonal direction the series chooses to go in. However, casting Ms. Colman would almost certainly have an effect on the casting of the next James Bond.

Olivia Colman smiling in The Lost Daughter.

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What This Casting Could Mean For The Next James Bond

Casting the next Moneypenny almost always depends on who the next 007 will be, solely because of the traditional nature of the character. A coworker whom James Bond has historically flirted with, despite never making good on his innuendos, Olivia Colman’s Moneypenny could dictate an older Bond candidate, similar to Daniel Craig. (For comparison's sake, Harris is 45 and Colman is 47.) 

Thanks to Naomie Harris’ interpretation of Moneypenny, the flirtation did crop up a bit in Skyfall; but we saw the agent formerly known as Eve instead become a really good friend for Commander Bond. Without the boundaries of the character's classic stereotypes, Olivia Colman could also serve as a fantastic friend and mentor to a younger James Bond, while also busting his chops, and (why not?) dropping a bit of a flirt here and there. 

Still, the MI6 family formula depends on who compliments the type of Bond we’re seeing on screen. If Ms. Colman is cast in this role, or if any other roles like M or Q are recast, you’ll probably be able to start to see where the franchise is headed as a whole, particularly where recasting 007 is concerned. Armchair analysis aside, Naomie Harris has made a fantastic suggestion that’s going to be hard for me to stop thinking about. 

It’s a hypothetical that we’ll have all the time in the world to discuss, as the hunt for the next James Bond isn’t set to start until some time next year. In the meantime, No Time To Die is currently available to rent and own, on both digital and physical media.  As for Olivia Colman, she can currently be seen in the Netflix original film The Lost Daughter, as well as in the HBO original series Landscapers

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