Papparazzo Speaks Out After Breaking Arm In Incident With Cara Delevingne and Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne have been fast friends for years, and the two have traveled together a bunch just this year, spending time in Ibiza over the summer and to Buenos Aires more recently. They were spotted leaving a restaurant called Patagonia Sur when an incident occurred that led to a papparazzo breaking his arm and going to the hospital. That photographer is now speaking out about the incident but details are still fuzzy regarding what actually went down. 

The account from Photographer Pedro Alberto Orquera alleges that he was chased down by not the two actresses but two of the men who had attended the Buenos Aires dinner with them. In the scuffle that ensued his camera was smashed and that he was bent pretty out of shape, calling the fact he didn’t die “a miracle.” 

My life was saved by a miracle, I don't know what would have happened if I fell head first to the ground, with the speed that those people chased after me. They never took my material from me... when I fell to the ground [the camera] was smashed but I was able to save the material.

In the account given to The Daily Mail he also claimed there was a chance he might “lose” his arm. Previous reports did reveal that Orquera had been hospitalized after the incident and that he had broken his arm. He also noted that due to what happened he's allegedly "immobile" and "unable to work or move." 

A separate report mentioned Cara Delevingne and Margot Robbie were allegedly trying to get into a vehicle when the photographer appeared. That report indicated the Only Murders in the Building actress made it in but the driver got spooked and hit the accelerator, leading the Amsterdam actress to half jump out of the car in order to avoid getting hurt. In the separate TMZ report, an investigation was pending, with one party saying the papparazzo fell during the scuffle and Pedro Alberto Orquero saying he was hurt while being chased by film producer Josey McNamara and grip Jac Hopkins.

Separate video was later seen that seemed to indicate the photographer did get chased after he appeared on the scene to take photos. A police report filed at the time indicated the party of production-based people told officers the papparazzo was  “responsible for his own injuries.”

The news comes as Cara Delevingne has made other headlines in recent weeks following reports the star allegedly needs rehab. Supplementing this story were pictures of Margot Robbie getting emotional while supporting her friend. Since that incident happened, Cara Delevingne appeared at Paris Fashion Week and then jet-setted to Argentina where the incident took place. So it does not look as if rehab is in the cards in the near future. 

Meanwhile, this papparazzo situation is still developing, and Jac Hopkins and Josey McNamara were reportedly even questioned by authorities. We’ll keep you updated regarding anything that happens next, though headlines for Robbie are likely to shift to news about Amsterdam her movie opposite Christian Bale and John David Washington, which hit the 2022 movie release schedule this weekend. 

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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