Cara Delevingne Dresses To The Nines For Red Carpet Event After Reports Roll Around About The Only Murders Star Needing Rehab

Reports in recent weeks have noted that Only Murders in the Building actress Cara Delevingne may be dealing with some personal troubles. Among those reports was one about Margot Robbie looking distraught after leaving her pal’s company. They also came after the star had also been seen behaving erratically at an airport and trying to board a private plane owned by Jay-Z. A few days later, though, she was back in the public eye, heading to Paris for Fashion Week and dressed to the nines for a red carpet event. 

In new images from the Karl Lagerfeld show in Paris, France, Delevingne was in full makeup and put together in an all-black look. One notable image from the night had her in front of a Cara and Karl sign promoting her “Cara Loves Karl Paris” collaboration. 

Cara Delevingne dressed to the nines at Paris Fashion week 2022.

(Image credit: (Photo by Anthony Ghnassia/Getty Images for Karl Lagerfeld ))

Though we are heading into the winter season in the U.S. and Europe, fashion moves at a swift pace and Cara Delevingne was there to support the Spring and Summer 2023 Womenswear line. A separate photo had her posing with Karl Lagerfeld designer Hun Kim, Image and Communications head Caroline Lebar, and CEO Pier Paolo Righi. 

Cara Delevingne at Paris fashion week with Karl Lagerfeld head honchos.

(Image credit: (Photo by Arnold Jerocki/Getty Images for Karl Lagerfeld))

It’s not a huge surprise the actress would be a part of a new collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld. While she has been a part of a slew of popular franchises and films in recent years – not just Only Murders, but also the likes of Suicide Squad and the John Green film Paper Towns – she cut her teeth in the fashion industry and started modeling at an early age before blowing up in her teen years. 

She’s previously collaborated with Lagerfeld before in a Chanel 2013 show called “Paris-Edimbourg.” 

The lifestyle of a Hollywood “it” girl and actress can be demanding, and Delevingne has made headlines in recent months. Sure, some of that has been for her work opposite Selena Gomez in a romantic Only Murders in The Building plotline in Season 2. However, she also has made headlines for sometimes erratic behavior. 

One of these incidents happened on another red carpet when Cara Delevingne attended the Billboard Awards earlier this year as Megan Thee Stallion’s plus one. People were upset as she grabbed the train of the rapper in a moment that later went viral online. The actress eventually called out what seemed to be “odd” behavior, telling Jimmy Fallon she was only trying to be a “hype woman.” 

It’s also worth noting the star has cut her teeth in the industry with out-there behavior, like the time Delevingne claimed she “wanted to kill someone” at the end of her Suicide Squad audition. Or the time she shaved her head for Life in a Year or made headlines for an awkward Paper Towns interview. But this time, the reports are allegedly related how the actress is spending her time outside the spotlight.

For example, a second noteworthy moment had her arriving two hours late and without shoes for a flight on Jay-Z’s private plane. She later boarded the plane but was forced to get off of it a short time later. And, of course, there was the incident when her friend Margot Robbie seemingly left her in tears following a trip the pals had taken together to Ibiza shortly before. Following these incidents, outlets like TMZ and The Sun have reported on Delevingne’s alleged hard-partying ways and have stated she reportedly may need “an intervention,” allegedly to deal with mental health issues. 

The latter outlet even indicated the actress’ family may have gotten involved. So far, it does seem to be business as usual for the star’s schedule, but we’ll keep you updated if any additional reports break and if that has any impact on Only Murders in the Building Season 3. She has already completed work for new movie Tell it Like a Woman.

Jessica Rawden
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