Margot Robbie Looked Distraught After Visiting Cara Delevingne As Reports About The Star Needing Rehab Come To Light

Friends and family of model and actress Cara Delevingne have seemingly been very worried about her. Because there have been some reports that she’s dealing with issues that go beyond substance abuse. And Margot Robbie looked very distraught visiting her friend and former co-star after reports came to light about Delevingne needing rehab.

It’s a gift when you can find good friends who are willing to be there for you when you’re at your worst. TMZ reported that Margot Robbie, who is set to star in Barbie in 2023, visited her fellow Suicide Squad team member at her L.A. home this week, looking very sad afterward. We have no idea what happened at Delevingne’s house, but images allegedly show Robbie crying for her friend as she was seen holding her hand up to her face. Sources say that friends of the Paper Towns actress are advocating for her to go to a treatment program that involves mental therapy and substance abuse treatment.

The start of Cara Delevingne’s reported personal problems first surfaced when she, Robbie, and her other friends went on vacation to Spain in August to celebrate her 30th birthday. Ever since then, the Carnival Row actress appeared increasingly erratic in public. A video of Delevingne was posted outside the Van Nuys Airport walking outside flailing her arms all over the place while on the phone smoking a cigarette. She boarded one of Jay-Z’s private jets in Los Angeles and didn’t get off until 45 minutes later -- even though the flight never took off.

Another alleged incident occurred when Cara Delevingne went viral for messing with Megan Thee Stallion's dress at the Billboard awards this year. She later blew off the incident and joked to Jimmy Fallon that she was "working as a PA" that night. 

The 30-year-old actress and model has been missing important events lately. She was supposed to be at her own NY Fashion Week event but never made it to NYC. Delevingne also did not attend the 2022 Emmy Awards where she would have joined her cast-mates of Only Murders in the Building after joining in Season 2. In the past, Delevingne has spoken before about the fears she had about coming out as pansexual and reminding herself to be genuine. But it's unclear what has spurred this behavior recently.

Sources told TMZ that Cara Delevingne is not refusing treatment. At the same time, it’s said she’s “dragging her feet” and that her struggles are getting worse. With the love and support that she has from her loved ones, let's have faith she’ll see that opening the door to treatment can be beneficial for her life.

Margot Robbie seems to have been a supportive friend in visiting Cara Delevingne in her time of need, whether or not hard it was to see her. While we may not know what the two of them talked about, it seems to have been a very emotional meeting. 

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