Pokémon Detective Pikachu 2 Is Finally Moving Forward, But Is Ryan Reynolds Still Part Of The Game?

Detective Pikachu
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It’s felt like forever since Pokémon Detective Pikachu thundershocked audiences with delight back in 2019. Those of you who lost hope in ever seeing Detective Pikachu 2 happen have something to celebrate today, as the movie is finally moving forward with a promising update. But with a future that includes his role in upcoming Marvel movie Deadpool 3, is star Ryan Reynolds still part of the game? And if so, how much should we expect? 

Well, the answer to that line of questioning is something even the good detective might be scratching his head over. Per the news from Deadline, what we do know is Pokémon Detective Pikachu 2 could be directed by Jonathan Krisel, best known as the co-creator of IFC’s hit comedy series Portlandia.

But when it comes to Ryan Reynolds’ participation, all that’s been said is that those in the know “believe Reynolds will have some part to play in the upcoming sequel though that is undetermined right now.” Seeing as the popular actor’s dance card includes the upcoming production on Deadpool 3, as well as several other recently announced movies like the Paramount Pictures comedy Boy Band, that sounds as hopeful as one could expect with such a busy talent.

Ryan Reynolds’ Cinematic Dance Card

Ryan Reynolds in Free Guy

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We weren’t kidding when we said Ryan Reynolds was a busy man. Here’s a list of only some of the projects he’s attached to, or expected to be a part of, at the moment: 

IF - 5/24/24
Deadpool 3 - 11/8/24
Red Notice 2 & 3  - TBD
Clue - TBD
Boy Band - TBD
Free Guy 2 - TBD

The last update that had been given on Pokémon Detective Pikachu 2 came from a rep at Legendary Entertainment, swearing that this potential follow-up was “in active development.” Turns out those claims of activity weren’t just cute code talk for “not officially cancelled,” and another entry into the roster of Pokémon movies is very much in play. And as we’ve stated before, there’s plenty of options for how this Pokémon project could move forward with as much or as little Ryan Reynolds magic as needed.

Similarly unknown is how or if co-stars Justice Smith and Kathryn Newton will be returning to the fold in their respective roles of Tim Goodman and Lucy Stevens. Both actors are also players with potential franchise action booking up their near future, thanks to roles in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves and Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania. Should either or both of those players be absent, let’s hope that at the very least Psyduck comes back to sweeten the deal. 

Video game movies have been having a pretty amazing moment in cinema, as the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise has wowed critics, and made fans flock to the movies. Pokémon Detective Pikachu 2 would be a natural fit to keep that trend going, with or without Ryan Reynolds; but obviously keeping him on the board would be preferable.

Otherwise, the studio might have to go looking for other celebrities to swap minds with a Pikachu in the name of mystery and comedy. In which case, why not consider Daniel Craig, or maybe fan favorite Danny DeVito for this next pocket monster whodunnit? 

Pokémon Detective PIkachu's sequel is still in the early phases of development, so sadly we don't know when to expect this next case to open in theaters. That said, the first Ryan Reynolds adventure is currently available to stream through the TNT, TBS, or truTV apps. And now would also be a great time to check out our ranking of the best Pokémon series.

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