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Robert Pattinson Allegedly Threw A Batman Party At Pal Pete Davidson’s Club, And The Music Was All Kanye West

Kanye West is clearly a Marvel fan after that bizarre Civil War post, but he may have picked the wrong universe, as the new Batman is allegedly a pretty big fan of the rapper. If rumors are to be believed, apparently The Batman star Robert Pattinson threw a secret rager at Pete Davidson’s new bar, and it sounds like the soundtrack the the party was heavy on some Ye. 

Rumors are spreading that Robert Pattinson not only had a low key afterparty for the premiere of The Batman at Pete Davidson’s new bar The Pebble in New York City, but that he played a ton of Kanye West music there. According to a secret source for Page Six, partygoers heard West songs that included his hits “Gold Digger” and “Fade”.

If the entertainment news publication’s source is to be believed, it would be a reasonable assumption that Robert Pattinson is Team Kanye in this whole Kanye West versus Pete Davidson feud. However, the source also believes that Davidson acted as host for the party, even though the bar owner was not seen at the party himself. 

Honestly, it sounds like a very Pete Davidson thing to do, hosting a major celebrity party after the release of a heavily anticipated movie in his newly opened bar just to blast a ton of music from his rival, the ex of his current girlfriend Kim Kardashian. Davidson is a comedian, and he has previously stated that he found the whole “feud” with Kanye West to be funny. Of course, this was before he seemingly had some security issues from fans of West after a series of social media posts from the rapper.

Pete Davidson has even had to shut down his Instagram account due to Kanye West fans, and has now been parodied in West’s new music video. Honestly, the whole feud has been a lot, with the vast majority of shenanigans coming from West. While I personally wouldn’t be surprised if Davidson and Robert Pattinson played the rapper’s songs because they thought it would be funny, it does seem like Davidson is trying to be the bigger man in the situation. 

The other possibility, of course, is that Robert Pattison is Team Kanye. Kanye West certainly has many fans on his side, hence why Pete Davidson has had such hoops to go through like the added security and social media take down. If that’s the case, though, you’d think he would just choose a different bar to hold his afterparty at. It’s also possible that Pattinson simply likes the rapper’s music and doesn’t feel the need to boycott his songs amid the ongoing feud. 

All of this, of course, is just what is happening in the rumor mill right now, and Robert Pattinson may have had a whole Taylor Swift playlist going at the after party. What’s not a rumor, though, is that his film The Batman has gotten some seriously great reviews and is one of 2022’s new release films that has a lot of promise. You can check the film out in theaters now, and it’ll head to streaming for those Batman fans who have an HBO Max subscription once its 45 day theatrical window is over.

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