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Samuel L. Jackson Has An On-Brand Response After Learning Two A-Listers Top Him In On-Screen Cursing Records

Since breaking into the film industry, Samuel L. Jackson has become renowned for his affinity for dropping the f-bomb. It’s not a Jackson movie with a few swearwords flying out of his mouth every few minutes. At this point, he has become entertainment’s swear word savant. Hollywood built a whole film around the Avengers star’s love for the f-word (hello, Snakes on a Plane). But it turned out the Hollywood icon isn’t Hollywood’s most foul-mouthed star as two A-listers outranked him when it came to cursing on-screen. And his response was on-brand.

This surprising revelation came up while the Secret Invasion star was being interviewed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Fallon informed Jackson that he didn’t come in at number one. When the Hollywood star asked who came in first place, the late-night host spilled that Jonah Hill was the titleholder. Of course, the king of movie f-bombs had the perfect response to Hill outranking him.

That's some bullshit! I mean… No, no, no way! Jonah Hill then Leo? Really? I don't believe that. Somebody has miscounted.

With Jackson’s track record in film and television, he has been the reigning king of swearwords for decades. Some of his most famous roles – Jungle Fever, Pulp Fiction, and Jackie Brown – have revolved around Samuel L. Jackson spewing f-bombs and s-words without hesitation. So Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio outranking him threw the actor and avid fans for a loop. As the Shaft star said, there needs to be a recount.

After learning his swearing score was 301 while the Don’t Look Up star’s count was 376. Jackson pondered if the ranking was based on a wide range of profanities or a specific word. Fallon pondered it for a moment as well before mentioning if the score was based on Jackson’s signature f-bombs that he would be the champ. Of course, the MCU star took the compliment by thanking the late-night host.

Despite his ranking on the cursing record, Jackson has proven his swearword savant status on more than one occasion. He dropped a full f-bomb when it came to Secret Invasion starting production. Dropping f-bombs hasn’t hindered the Hollywood star as he finally received an Oscar after losing the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role as Jules Winnfield in 1994’s Pulp Fiction. Now, he is getting his flowers after years of entertaining the masses.

At this point, there’s plenty of time for Jackson to catch up to Hill and DiCaprio. The Oscar nominee has multiple projects lined up on the big and small screen, including Marvel outings Secret Invasion and The Marvels. Of course, Samuel L. Jackson has more upcoming movies and new TV shows coming out in 2022. Audiences can currently watch the Hollywood veteran in the miniseries The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey, which drops every Friday on Apple TV+.

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