Jason Momoa Talks Hollywood Being ‘Inaccessible’ For Many In The Past, And How He Hopes To Change That

Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho ready for battle in Dune
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You may know Jason Momoa from Game of Thrones, Aquaman, and Denis Villeneuve’s recent reimagining of Dune, but it appears Hollywood’s favorite Hawaiian hunk is looking to make an impact on the industry in a different way. After his Apple TV+ series Chief of War was announced, Momoa opened up about the entertainment field being "inaccessible" for many people like himself and detailed what he is doing to change that.

The actor recently posted the casting call for Chief of War to his Instagram, and it requests solely for Hawaiian residents in its call for speaking actors. You can see for yourself in the post below:

Jason Momoa has been open about his past struggles as an actor. He was a fan favorite in HBO’s Game of Thrones, even though his character was killed off in the very first season. After being cast as DC’s Aquaman vive years later, he admitted to not being able to pay his bills after his Game of Thrones role ended. His past experiences seems to mirror those of other actors who hail from indigenous communities . Now that he's a big dog in La La Land and has a name that carries weight, it would seem as though Momoa is using his fame to help change this narrative for future stars by authentically casting Chief of War, which centers largely on Hawaii and its culture.

Most are likely aware that Hollywood has a history of whitewashing. While things are there's still plenty of work to be done, things are beginning to improve. We're seeing more diverse films released to impressive results, and you don’t have to look too far to find them. For instance, animated movies like Encanto, Turning Red, and Moana have helped to improve representation and allowed more children to see themselves in film. The first of those films even led to an adorable viral moment between a mother and her young son.

Jason Momoa's role as an actor, producer and co-writer on Chief of War provides the project with a level of authenticity that a lot of would-be comparable series just don’t have. Momoa is not the only person with indigenous lineage who is involved with the project, as he's joined in the writers' room by long time colleague Thomas Pa'a Sibbett. Quite frankly, it's nice to see creatives getting together craft projects that center on experiences rarely seen in film or on TV. 

All the while, the Dune star is keeping plenty busy with his other endeavors (like his new villainous role in Fast & Furious 10). However, it's wonderful to see that as his star continues to rise, he isn't neglecting to open doors for those still looking for opportunities.

Chief of War is still in early development and is only one production on Jason Momoa's growing list of upcoming projects. In the meantime, you can grab an Apple TV+ subscription and watch Momoa's current show, See, along with other entertaining Apple series.

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