Someone Made A Viral Video Of Harry Styles Throwing A Goat At Chris Pine Following Don’t Worry Darling’s Spitcident

The Don't Worry Darling cast at Venice Film Festival
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Hollywood feuds are things that actually happen from time to time, and while there may be a real conflict going on somewhere at the heart of the production of Don’t Worry Darling, it seems clear now that there is no bad blood between Harry Styles and Chris Pine. The whole thing has now become a joke and it’s been perfectly exemplified by a new viral clip where Styles “spit” is replaced by a goat.

The moment at the Venice Film Festival, where it appeared to some that Harry Styles spit on Chris Pine went viral as fans went over it like the Zapruder film trying to figure out just what was happening. A new version of the clip now going viral on Twitter is a lot easier to figure out. Harry Styles drops a goat in Chris Pine’s lap, you know, like you do.

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I’m not even sure how somebody would think of the idea of having a goat get involved in this situation, but it’s pretty difficult not to laugh. Part of what made people think that something unusual was going on here was the way that Chris Pine seems to look in his lap with an exasperated look on his face. 

For what it’s worth, that’s certainly a fitting look for having a goat thrown in your lap. I mean a dead goat, which is what this appears to be. Somebody throws a live goat at you and it’s an entirely different matter. 

While there had been no rumored drama between Pine and Styles prior to the “spitcident” it wasn’t too hard for people to believe something might be up between them because there have been regular reports of drama between other members of the cast and crew of Don’t Worry Darling since the film was in production.

There have been indications that director Olivia Wilde and star Florence Pugh may not have gotten along on set. Pugh isn’t doing much of the film’s press and while there may not be anything to read into that, many have. Olivia Wilde recently downplayed any connection between Pugh’s schedule and on set problems.

There has also been controversy surrounding the role played by Harry Styles. Originally, the part was to be played by Shia Labeouf, and whether he left the film or was fired is one of the many things that is not clear. Following his exit, Styles was brought in, and there were reports from early on that he and Wilde had begun a relationship.

Needless to say, Don’t Worry Darling is a movie that has a lot of interest, whether or not people are actually interested in the movie.  With the movie still a couple of weeks away from wide release, there's plenty of time for these stories to continue to fester. 

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