Sorry To All Those Epcot Fans Who Waited 7 Hours For A Popcorn Bucket, As Disney World Is Bringing ’Em Back

It was just a few weeks ago when a popcorn bucket was so popular that it was getting covered by CNN and mocked by Universal. While limited edition merchandise at Disney Parks is always popular, a popcorn bucket shaped like Figment, the unofficial mascot of Epcot and purple dragon beloved by millions, led to lines at the park reported to be as much as seven hours long, but if you didn’t get one and still want one, there's good news, because the buckets are back, and there’s a lot of them. 

This morning pictures are coming out of Epcot, including from Blog Mickey, showing an absolutely massive number of Figment popcorn buckets, all on display for guests to come and get. It’s impossible to know just how many there are compared to how many were solid in the first batch, but one certainly hopes there’s enough here to satisfy the demand.  

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One thing that is not back with the popcorn buckets is the line. Part of that may be that people didn’t know the buckets would be back today, but the rest of it is that the buckets are now being sold via the park’s mobile food order system. This means that guests order and pay for the bucket on their phones, thus locking in their item. The app will then inform them when it is time to pick it up, and the guest should be able to just walk right up and grab it. People are certainly no stranger to lines at Disney World, But that doesn’t mean people want to spend their time waiting for popcorn.

It was impossible to know after the first batch of popcorn buckets were sold if there would be any more. Sometimes the limited edition merchandise comes back to the parks and other times it does not. While there are likely a few people who waited in the crazy lines the first time who are now a bit frustrated that they did. There will likely also be some benefits with this influx of Figments.

A big part of the reason that lines for this sort of merchandise get so long in the first place is because a lot of the people buying the things are specifically planning to resell it all on eBay. Since most people who aren’t local can’t get to Disneyland or Disney World on short notice, fans who want the limited merch that can only be found inside the parks have little choice but to buy through the secondary market. The markups can be quite significant, but with a massive number of these things now dropping on the public, it should help drive prices down.

Hopefully, now that there are a bunch of popcorn buckets out there the Figment fans who wanted them but couldn’t get them will now be able to do so. While all limited edition merchandise is popular, Figment certainly has his own fanbase that loves the guy and those people should be able to get a popcorn bucket. Eric Idle could probably use one too. 

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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