Superbad 2: Jonah Hill Says There's Only One Way He'd Make The Sequel

Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Jonah Hill and Michael Cera in Superbad
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Superbad fans have been clamoring for a sequel since the film dropped in 2007. Murmurings of a sequel have been floating around for years. Some of those involved in the film like Seth Rogen has been apprehensive about revisiting the story. Despite some apprehension, Superbad star Jonah Hill has an idea for a potential sequel. The Don’t Look Up star revealed the only way he would make Superbad 2.

Superbad became Hill’s Hollywood breakthrough as the film took over the box office and pop culture. The Mid90s director has grown beyond the sex-obsessed Seth as evident by his recent work. That doesn’t mean he isn’t willing to return for more hijinks with Michael Cera and Chris Mintz-Plasse in the future. Jonah Hill revealed to W his idea for a potential follow-up.

I haven't pitched this to anybody. What I want to do is when we're like 80, do a Superbad 2. Like, “old-folks-home Superbad.” Our spouses die, and we're single again. That's what I want Superbad 2 to be, and that's the only way I would ever make it.

Catching up with Seth, Evan, and McLovin in an assisted living home sounds like a wonderful premise for a sequel. As morbid as the concept is, it would be nice to see the guys reminiscing about old times while creating new memories. Some sequels are at their bests when audiences get to catch up with characters years later. Catch-up sequels can be cool, but oftentimes, they can end up messing up the original film’s concept. Hill seemed to understand that mindset as he painted a Grumpy Old Men for the Millennial set.

Jonah Hill wasn’t the first Superbad alum to suggest a different angle for a potential sequel. Christopher Mintz-Plasse (aka McLovin) believed the sequel should be female-focused instead of catching up with the original group in the vein of Booksmart. He felt bringing back the original stars for a sequel could tarnish the 2007 coming-of-age film’s legacy. This marked a change as Mintz-Plasse was open to making a sequel in the past. Even producer Judd Apatow was gunning for a Superbad sequel but stopped after no one involved was willing to come back. But it seems like Hill might be ready for another film… just decades from now.

Of course, the original film took over pop culture as lines and scenes were parodied and referenced across all media. That train has continued as a new generation of fans has begun quoting the film. So, Superbad is still leaving an impression on audiences.

Since the coming-of-age film hit theaters more than a decade ago, the cast and writers have grown in their Hollywood careers. If you want to relive every inappropriate line and scene, you can watch Superbad on Prime Video.

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