Superbad: What The Cast Of The 2007 Comedy Is Doing Now

The main cast of Superbad.
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One of my favorite comedies is Superbad. While it’s been more than a decade since its release, it still finds ways to make me laugh over and over again, just like comedies starring legends like Adam Sandler or Chris Rock. From iconic lines to hilarious moments, Superbad has cemented itself into the comedy hall of fame. 

With a cast as long and large as Superbad, several of its stars have gone on to have major careers, and you might be wondering where they are now. From Jonah Hill and Michael Cera, to Emma Stone and Seth Rogen, these are what the Superbad cast has been doing in Hollywood. 

Jonah Hill in Superbad.

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Jonah Hill (Seth)

Seth, played by Jonah Hill, was the first half of the iconic duo in Superbad, and ever since one of his biggest films, Hill has had quite the career in movies. Starting out, he was in several comedies like Knocked Up, a part of the Forgetting Sarah Marshall cast, Get Him to the Greek, and even teamed up with Channing Tatum in the 21 Jump Street cast, a role he would reprise in the sequel. 

Hill stepped into the drama world a little bit, as well, with starring roles in films such as Moneyball, and the Leonardo DiCaprio-led film, The Wolf of Wall Street. The actor was nominated for the Oscar for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role for each of those films.

Hill has also dabbled in television as well, with a starring role in the Netflix miniseries, Maniac. He has also stepped into the world of animation, voicing several roles. This ranged from parts in the supervillain movie, Megamind, to the adult animated comedy, Sausage Party (alongside many of his Superbad co-stars), to the How to Train Your Dragon series. Truly, Hill is a man of many talents and I can’t wait to see what he does next. 

Michael Cera in Superbad.

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Michael Cera (Evan)

The second half of the iconic duo, Evan, was played by Michael Cera in Superbad. Since then, he’s been in quite a few movies and TV shows. In film, Cera went on to star in the coming of age movie  Juno, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, This is the End, and several others. He’s also stepped into animation, as well, like his former castmate, voicing roles in the Lego Batman Movie, Sausage Party, and Between Two Ferns: The Movie. 

Cera has also had a prominent career in television as well. His biggest role thus far has been having a main role on the iconic comedy, Arrested Development. He also voiced Sal Viscuso, the voice of the announcements in Children’s Hospital, and had a recurring role in Burning Love. 

Christopher Mintz-Plasse in Superbad.

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Christopher Minzt-Plasse (Fogell ‘McLovin’)

Who could ever forget McLoving’? Played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Fogell is a character that was unforgettable in Superbad and remains that way to this day. Mintz-Plasse has gone on to act in several projects in both television and film. 

He starred as Augie Farcques in Role Models, and as Chris D'Amico in the Kick-Ass superhero series. He rejoined Seth Rogen for Neighbors, as well as its sequel, made an appearance in the comedy movie, Tag, and was in Promising Young Woman. Mintz-Plasse also stepped into voice acting as well, voicing Fishlegs Ingerman in the How to Train Your Dragon franchise, as well as King Gristle Jr. in the Trolls cast.  

With television, he continued to voice Fishlegs in the Dreamworks Dragons series, was Clark in The Great Indoors, and has voiced various roles on When Nature Calls with Helen Mirren.

Bill Hader in Superbad.

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Bill Hader (Officer Slater)

Bill Hader was most certainly a scene stealer in Superbad as Officer Slater, and because of that, he’s gone on to have a great career. Bill Hader has starred in plenty of movies, including comedies like Adventureland, Trainwreck, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and many others, but has also done movies like It Chapter 2, showcasing his dramatic acting ability. 

Hader is also a prominent voice actor, voicing the main character in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Fear in Inside Out, working on Monsters University for Pixar, had a role in Sausage Party, and many others. 

Hader’s career in television has also been great. At first, he was known for his iconic sketches on Saturday Night Live, but since then, he's expanded into his own territory. His HBO comedy will soon see Barry Season 3 arrive very soon, and he created Documentary Now!, a series that is all about mockumentaries. 

Seth Rogen in Superbad.

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Seth Rogen (Officer Michaels)

Another scene stealer in Superbad was Officer Michaels, the partner to Officer Slater, played by the loveable Seth Rogen. Since his appearance in the comedy, Rogen has not only expanded his acting career, but his ability as a writer, director, and producer. 

In terms of movies, Rogen has starred in animated films like the Kung Fu Panda series, Sausage Party and more, but has been in a series of hilarious live-action films. This includes, but isn’t limited to, Pineapple Express, The Guilt Trip, This is the End, Neighbors (and it’s sequel), Long Shot, The Disaster Artist, the live-action version of The Lion King, and many, many others. 

Rogen has also appeared in several television shows as well, such as appearances in Arrested Development alongside Michael Cera, the Netflix original series, Big Mouth, Future Man, and more. He also has recently had a small voice role in the Amazon original series, Invincible as one of the chillest aliens ever. He also executive produced those last two shows, along with The Boys, Preacher, Black Monday, and several other series and movies.

Emma Stone in Superbad.

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Emma Stone (Jules)

If we’re talking about stars that shot up to stardom after Superbad, there’s not a better example than Emma Stone, who played Jules. After her role, Emma Stone became a Hollywood A-lister.

At first, she appeared in many comedies, such as being a part of the Zombieland cast (a role she would reprise in Zombieland 2), the teen comedy, Easy A, Crazy Stupid, Love, and others. But soon, she would expand her acting skills into movies like The Help, The Favourite, Birdman, and La La Land, for which she won an Academy Award. As of recently, she took on the live-action role of Cruella, sporting that iconic black and white hairstyle. 

Stone also had her time in a superhero film series, portraying Gwen Stacey in the Amazing Spider-Man series alongside Andrew Garfield, and voiced the lead character in the Croods animated movies. 

Emma Stone even reunited with Jonah Hill from Superbad for their miniseries, Maniac. If only we could see them together again. They work so well together. 

Martha Maclsaac in Superbad.

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Martha Maclsaac (Becca)

Playing Becca in Superbad was Martha MacIssac, who has made a name for herself in the voice-acting world. While she’s been in movies like The Last House on the Left, Dead Before Dawn, Battle of the Sexes, and more, MacIssac has mainly kept her talents to television. 

She voiced Melosa in Di-Gata Defends, Edwyn and Bisiwog in Magi-Nation, Sarah in Friends and Heroes, and many other voice roles. She’s also had plenty of live-action appearances as well, including Dana Stockwell in the TV series, Greek,  Becca Gilchrist in 1600 Penn, and played the lead, Kate Warne, in The Pinkertons. Currently, she voices Patty and the Airport Announcer on Family Guy. 

Aviva Baumann in Superbad.

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Aviva Baumann (Nicola)

Aviva Baumann played Nicola in Superbad, and after her role, she appeared in a few projects and movies. She had a recurring guest role on NCIS, was in Saint John of Las Vegas, The Closer, Party Down, and a couple of other movies. 

However, Baumann has since retired herself from the spotlight. 

Joe Lo Truglio in Superbad.

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Joe Lo Truglio (Francis)

Moving on, we have Joe Lo Truglio, who played Francis in Superbad. Ever since his part, Truglio has had a prominent career in television. His biggest role thus far has been playing Charles Boyle as part of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast, as well as a member of Reno 911!, Burning Love, the Wet Hot American Summer franchise, and several other series, along with many guest appearances. Truglio also portrayed Jeff Sessions on the political series, The Comey Rule

Truglio has also been in many movies that might sound familiar, such as Pineapple Express, Role Models, I Love You, Man, Gulliver’s Travels, Someone Marry Barry, A Futile and Stupid Gesture, and many more. Recently, he was in the comedy, Mark, Mary & Some Other People. 

Kevin Corrigan in Superbad.

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Kevin Corrigan (Mark)

Next up, we have Kevin Corrigan, who played Mark in Superbad. Since his role, Corrigan has appeared in many films, such as the mafia flick, American Gangster, Pineapple Express, The Dictator, Seven Psychopaths, Winter’s Tale, the Judd Apatow movie, The King of Staten Island, and more. 

Corrigan also appeared as Sam Weiss in the TV series, Fringe, Professor Sean Garrity in the hilarious sitcom, Community, Agent Bob Kirkland in The Mentalist, Milkshake in Dice, Jackie Moreno in The Get-Down, and many other TV shows. It’s only a matter of time before we see him on our TV screens once again. 

Dave Franco in Superbad.

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Dave Franco (Greg)

Last up, we have Dave Franco, who played Greg in Superbad. While his time in the movie was brief, we’ve still seen Franco everywhere in movies since his role.

Franco has been all over the place. He appeared in the Zac Efron-led film, Charlie St. Cloud, the 21 Jump Street, Neighbors, and Now You See Me franchises, starred in The Disaster Artist with his brother, James Franco, portrayed Levy in If Beale Street Could Talk, and so many other fantastic movies. 

Franco has had some time in television, as well. He played Gonzo in Greek in a recurring role, Zachary in Privileged, Cole Aaronson in Scrubs, Jeff in Easy and a few others, showing off how capable he is as an actor. Soon, he’s going to be in two upcoming series, called The Now and The Afterparty. 

You know, after writing this, I’m starting to see a trend with these actors often starring in the same movies as their actor buddies - but honestly, who minds that when their films are always so hilarious? While Superbad is iconic and could never be replaced, I’m always down to see these actors collaborate and make great projects together again. 

Now, if I could just get Jonah Hill and Michael Cera in the same movie once more, that would be a dream come true. 

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