That Time Jamie Lee Curtis Got ‘Kidnapped’ By Demi Moore And Other Pals For Halloween Screening Surprise

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Jamie Lee Curtis had a lot to be happy about this past weekend. Friday saw the launch of Halloween Kills in theaters, and while making any movie is by itself an accomplishment, this one turned out to be a massive box office hit. On top of all that greatness, however, the horror icon also had what sounds like an awesome experience with her friends – who “kidnapped” her as part of a plan to celebrate the release of her new movie.

This fun story was unveiled by Jamie Lee Curtis on her personal Instagram account, with a post showing the actor among her friends, and including a caption that summarizes the fun plot. Check it out below:

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For those who don’t instantly recognize the faces or the handles, the group in question here includes Jamie Lee Curtis alongside friends Demi Moore, Amber Valletta, Melanie Griffith, Paris Jackson, Marina Afshar, Amy Landecker, and Cassandra Grey.

Based on the caption, it sounds like the Halloween Kills star was led to believe that she was going to visit a friend who had been hurt, but instead it turned out to be a set up for a surprise party that included a screening of the new movie.

While Jamie Lee Curtis has surely seen Halloween Kills a number of times now – between the festival premiers and the promotional tour – but it’s awesome that she seems to continue to love watching it each time. She now can’t seem to get enough of the slasher franchise, which seems like a wonderful thing for both her and fans. Her satisfaction with the material is only going to result in greater work in the years to come.

We have no idea of what the distant future will hold, but for now it looks like Halloween Kills may wind up being Jamie Lee Curtis’ penultimate turn as Laurie Strode – with the heroine’s narrative seemingly on its way to a conclusion in David Gordon Green’s upcoming Halloween Ends. It’s been confirmed that there will be a time jump between the end of the new film and the start of the next chapter, which is perfect when you consider that it will give Laurie a time to heal from her wounds and properly prepare for her final showdown with Michael Myers.

The countdown is already on to the release of that new trilogy capper, as Halloween Ends will be released less than one year from now on October 14, 2022. The film was shot at the same time as Halloween Kills, meaning that it has spent quite a lot of time in post-production, and hopefully that will allow it to be the best possible movie it can be. While you wait, you can check out the excellent Halloween Kills in theaters and with a Peacock subscription.



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