The Big Bang Theory Alum Kaley Cuoco Celebrated First Time Playing A Movie Mom With Sweet Set Photo

Kaley Cuoco as Penny in The Big Bang Theory
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While Kaley Cuoco may not be a mother in real life, you’ll get to see her playing one real soon. After The Big Bang Theory revealed its series finale date, you may have been wondering what her career will be like without playing Penny. Well, among other things, the comedic actress has a new movie up her sleeve where she’ll be playing a mother for the first time, as she showed in her sweet on-set photo.

This Kaley Cuoco-starred movie is an action thriller called Role Play, which she both stars in and co-produces through production company Yes, Norman Productions. This upcoming movie is about a young married couple who discover secrets about each other’s past. In the image that was uploaded on her Instagram Stories, Cuoco held the actress who will be playing her young daughter in her arms pulling a shocked expression on her face. She wrote in the caption “first time movie mom” with a heart on the bottom that says “Awww.” Take a look at the sweet photo below:

Kaley Cuoco on the set of Role Play

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While we have no idea how her role as a mother will fit into the film’s story, we do know that Selma’s David Oyelowo will play Cuoco’s husband, and The Bad News Bears Billy Bob Thorton will play “a mysterious stranger.” It seems like this character will be the one shaking things up for the couple. It will be an interesting turn of events to see how Cuoco’s character’s role as a mother will be impacted as the tables turn on the married couple. This will give us an opportunity to see the 36-year-old actress expand her talents outside of sketch comedies.

Another television project that the 8 Simple Rules actress’ production company will be a part of is bringing A Season with Mom to TV. This sentimental story is based on the true story of baseball enthusiast Katie Russell Newland, who took on the task of visiting all 30 Major League baseball stadiums. This journey was in dedication to her mother, who she planned on accomplishing this adventure with before she passed away from cancer. It hasn't been clarified yet if Kaley Cuoco will have a starring role in A Season with Mom or just stay behind the scenes. Considering she and Newland are close in age, it would make perfect sense for her to play the lead.

The Big Bang Theory was not the end of this comedic actress’s career. Following the final episode of the hit CBS sitcom, Kaley Cuoco found her first big TV role in the animated series Harley Quinn about the DC character’s misadventures after leaving her boyfriend, The Joker. She also has a starring role in HBO Max’s The Flight Attendant, which earned her first Golden Globe nomination. She's also starring in a romantic comedy with Pete Davidson called Meet Cute.

Kaley Cuoco has nowhere to go but up as her production company gives her the opportunity to take on roles that expand her talents on and off-screen. You can see this talented actor shine in Harley Quinn and The Flight Attendant on your HBO Max subscription.  

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