Trailer For David Harbour's Santa Movie Violent Night Drops And The Response Is A Lot Of Thirst Tweets

We’ve already seen David Harbour show some serious stunt work kicking ass as Hopper in Stranger Things. Now we have the chance to see him and his fist-punching action again as Santa Claus of all roles in the Christmas black comedy Violent Night. After the trailer of this unique Christmas movie dropped, the response has led to a lot of thirst tweets.

Expect some season's beatings this year when you watch David Harbour’s new holiday role in Violent Night. While Santa Claus has never had much sex appeal before in movies, this action-hero version of Santa may change that, as people have posted things like this tweet.

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One Twitter user pointed out David Harbour's obvious sex appeal. He knows how to throw a punch or two to protect his loved ones, and based on what we know so far about Violent Night, it looks like he’ll be doing the same thing beating down some home-invading mercenaries to save a family’s holiday. Between his sex appeal and the dark action, it seems like the diabolical marketing plan this user mentioned is working well for the movie.

the creators of violent night really said we know david harbour is a sex icon, so let's give everyone a santa kink this season with heavy marketing on the dirty seasonal puns, and tbh... i respect them for that.

The following post prompted a user to reveal that David Harbour’s performance as Santa could invoke some restless nightly slumber fantasies. It makes me wonder if fans had the same dreams after watching Kurt Russell’s sexist Santa moments in The Christmas Chronicles.

if I have an inappropriate dream about Santa tonight I’m holding David Harbour completely responsible.

A wild tweet had a fan create a video that will likely have viewers thirsty for this violently dashing Santa Claus. Who would have thought that seeing a white-bearded man covered in his own blood licking that candy cane would be the Christmas fantasy of the year? 

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An honest tweet had one user in the LGBT community admitting that seeing the 47-year-old actor in his hot new role has made her contemplate switching teams. Oh, David Harbour, how you’re unexpectedly affecting the minds of innocent fans with your ass-kicking moves.

david harbour as santa is actually doing things to me and as a lesbian it is shocking and embarrassing.

This next photo tweet shows a side-by-side picture of Violent Night's jollier Santa to the left and a more violent Santa to the right. What followed this photo was a number of hilarious responses of a Santa we have never seen before.

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One response told Harbour exactly where he can visit this Christmas. Can we just add him to the Best Movies About Santa Claus list already?

he can come down MY chimney.

Another hilarious response to that tweet convinced this user to add something new to their Christmas wish list. While it might not be on the wish list, this 2022 movie release is something we can all add to our watchlist this year.

I think I know what I want for christmas now 😍🥵

One more thirsty response from a fan is questioning how Santa suddenly got sex appeal. As we can tell from a number of these tweets, what used to be our perception of Santa is no longer.

now why am i finding santa hot right now.

So David Harbour has got the internet in a frenzy and consumed with desire for this new action-hero version of Santa Claus. Prepare to lust for him even more as Violent Night opens in theaters on December 2. 

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