Two Years After Billie Eilish Released No Time To Die, The James Bond Tune Still Has Her Fans Freaking Out

Daniel Craig scowls while Billie Eilish sings in the No Time To Die music video.
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To look back on February 2020 is to see an almost completely different world. Just before the COVID-19 pandemic saw theater closures and release date delays, everything was steaming along. That was also when Billie Eilish released her title track for the 25 James Bond movie, No Time To Die; and if you’re anything like Hans Zimmer, you’d have thought it was the wrong time to drop that particular single. Yet two years after it was sent out into the world, the 007 theme tune still has her fans freaking out, as seen at a recent concert engagement. 

During her recent huge profile gig at Madison Square Garden, the Academy Award co-nominee for Best Song included No Time To Die into her setlist. It might seem like a no-brainer for anyone who’s been following Billie Eilish’s recent career, especially with this song in particular fulfilling a professional dream for her and brother/collaborator Finneas O’Connell. However, when watching the performance shared by the official 007 YouTube channel, the reaction of Eilish’s fans hammers home just how popular the song really is:   

It doesn’t take long for the darkened arena to start getting vocal, as the first notes of No Time To Die’s signature melody saw fans yelling their approval. By the time an impressive projection setup started showing the title sequence to Daniel Craig’s final James Bond adventure, and Billie Eilish started singing the opening lyrics, people were already joining in. As the chorus kicked in, it was undeniable just how much the crowd loved the song, with the audience singing along in even greater force. 

This is perhaps the best example of why it’s important for a 007 film to have a song done by a contemporary artist. The legacy of James Bond movies is mostly carried by the fans who’ve been introduced to the films through one way or another, and thus go on to suggest them to friends and family. However, the total pop culture imprint of the series also depends on the tradition of Bond theme songs landing as huge hits.

In the case of the oft-delayed release for No Time To Die, having a song like the one Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell co-wrote is more valuable than ever. Though the movie found itself delayed until the fall of 2021, the title tune had already built a strong buzz around itself, even winning a Grammy before the finished product was even released. Thanks to the experience that saw Billie Eilish making her James Bond dream come true, this cinematic legacy has a load of new fans who know all of the words by heart, and aren’t afraid to show it.

No Time To Die is currently available for rental or purchase, in both physical and digital media. To see if Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell take home the gold at the Oscars, you’ll have to watch the 93rd Academy Awards, which are set to air live on ABC, Sunday, March 27th. To find out about more upcoming movies set to storm the scene throughout the year to come, head to the full schedule of 2022 movie releases

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