Tyler Perry Shares 2021 Thirst Trap While Setting Goals For 2022 And Shouting Out Will Smith

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As the new year approaches, traditionalists are compiling their New Year's resolutions and looking to the future. Tyler Perry is no different, as he posted a throwback thirst trap from earlier this year and sets goals for the upcoming 2022. It looks like he’s taking some inspiration from fellow Hollywood icon Will Smith, because he sent a nice shoutout to the King Richard star in the caption via hashtag. 

Like a lot of people who set New Year’s resolutions, Tyler Perry is setting a gym goal for 2022. In a new Instagram post, Perry is seen taking a gym selfie and looking pretty lean with arms that might be able to rival even Chris Hemsworth’s massive biceps. While the pic is somewhat of a throwback from earlier this year, Perry made it clear that 2022 will bring more workouts. You can check out the post below:

In his caption, Tyler Perry explained that he went through an injury after the thirst trap pic was taken that put him out of commission for gym visits. During this time, the Madea franchise creator gained over 10 pounds. He’s getting back to it, though, and has some inspiring words in his post for others to join him in “getting after it”.

Fans in the comment section are all about seeing Tyler Perry work to improve himself after a setback like injury and surgery, and are signing on with a comment to head into the new year with setting their own goals. That is, when they’re not drooling over the sleeveless gym pic he posted with his inspiration caption. Some fans are even relating their own stories of the same injury and resulting surgery, stating that they’re really in this with Perry and are determined to work on the same recovery process.

Tyler Perry’s inspiration in his post is not without its own muse, though. Perry slid in a quick reference to Will Smith and his “The Best Shape of My Life” series on his YouTube channel, where Smith works to become a better version of himself and have new, thrilling experiences in the second half of his life. 

Will Smith recently released a book appropriately titled Will that is full of memoir-style stories that are laden with inspiration for the reader from his life. Tyler Perry previously posted about the book, thanking Smith for all the inspiration he has given him throughout his life. 

Both Tyler Perry and Will Smith have entered the second half of their lives and are absolutely thriving. Both stars are keeping busy in their careers and have recently released high-profile films, Smith with the critically-acclaimed King Richard and Perry with the “flawless,” all-star cast Netflix film Don’t Look Up. We can expect plenty more in the future for both icons as well, as Smith has plenty of films coming up and Perry is busy in the writer’s and director’s chairs for his upcoming projects.

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