Vin Diesel's Latest Fast X Announcement Has An Oscar-Winner 'Tickled' To Be Playing Dom's Grandmother

Jordana Brewster and Vin Diesel in Fast Five
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The cast of Fast X doesn’t seem to be content to leave any major star out on the action. Concluding the Fast Saga, one of 2023’s upcoming movies is the beginning of the end for Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto and his family. Which means it’s the perfect time to introduce Dom’s grandmother into the mix, and Oscar-winner Rita Moreno is the lucky woman who feels “tickled” to be cast in such an important role. 

Celebrating the sixth week of production on Fast X, Vin Diesel hopped onto Instagram and made a video with his brand new on screen family member. The West Side Story star’s enthusiasm for her new gig is radiant, as you can see for yourself in the video below: 

Proclaiming it’s been a dream of his to work with Rita Moreno, Diesel breaks this news at a pretty exciting time. This latest addition to the Fast X roster comes just days after franchise vet Scott Eastwood was announced as returning to the Fast Saga fray. They really can’t stop adding talent to the deck, which also includes Jason Momoa and Brie Larson, among others.

Previously in last year’s summer blockbuster F9, we were introduced to another member of Dominic Toretto’s family tree: his brother Jakob (John Cena). Digging deeper into the feud that put Dom and Jakob on separate life paths, the most recent entry seems to have set up the Toretto lineage as a more important pillar than ever in the Fast Saga.

With that in mind, one can hope that Rita Moreno’s as-of-yet unnamed Grandma Toretto will show up in Fast X for more than just a quick rendezvous to babysit little Brian. Come to think of it, Moreno’s role might be a stepping stone to bringing back Jakob. Fleeing to parts unknown after redeeming himself in the ending of F9, she might just be the connection that ensures he’s around for the final chapter of Fast history. 

Currently, the facts we do know about Fast X do not confirm or deny John Cena’s participation. Though we do know that Toretto family associate Buddy, played by Michael Rooker, will be on hand for this penultimate entry. Whatever the case may be, Rita Moreno's inclusion in the Fast legacy just makes the entire body shine that much brighter. Now let's hope she gets to share a scene, and maybe a drink, with Helen Mirren's Magdalene Shaw before it's all over. 

Fast X is set to motor into theaters on May 19, 2023. For those of you who happen to be HBO Max subscribers, you can revisit the Toretto family legacy’s most recent expansion in F9; which is streaming in that specific library at the time of this writing.  If you’re in the mood for more Rita Moreno while you’re at it, the 2020 remake of West Side Story is also available on that same platform.

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