Violent Night: What To Know Before You See The R-Rated Christmas Movie

David Harbour in Violent Night.
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Oh, Christmas time. The time to watch the best holiday baking shows, or some of the most popular Christmas movies out on streaming right now, or maybe even just time to cuddle around the fire with your family and smile at all the memories you’ve made while you open up presents. 

That sounds hilarious. How about a movie where Santa Claus literally beats naughty people to a bloody pulp – and more? 

While there have been many iterations of the famous jolly man in a red suit, Violent Night is the latest addition to that line-up and boy, is it a doozy. From the moment the trailer hit the internet, fans were raving about how much they wanted to see the movie – and now, Violent Night has arrived in theaters and it’s a hell of a ride. 

Here are four quick things you should know about the movie before you head out to the theater with your friends or loved ones.

Violent Night Is A Darkly Funny Christmas Movie – With Some Gory Action

Like the trailer shows us from the beginning, Violent Night is not your typical Christmas movie. It’s an action-packed holiday thrill ride from beginning to end, where Santa isn’t afraid to take out the people on his naughty list – call it “seasons beatings.”

The main premise is that a very rich family, along with an adorable little girl, is celebrating Christmas when a militaristic group infiltrate the house and hold the family hostage in order to obtain all their money. Unfortunately, for these criminals, Santa Claus also happens to be there the same night. In order to save the girls’ Christmas – and the lives of the family – he decides to crack down and take out these naughty people. 

This movie doesn’t let up for a second on its action, making it entertaining from start to end. You’ll be rooting for Santa Claus in no time. 

Violent Night Lives Up To Its Name – So Don’t Bring Your Kids

While Christmas movies are always full of joy and love, this is not the film to bring your kids to. Violent Night was marketed as an R-rated Christmas movie and it is most certainly an R-rated Christmas movie, with a lot of cursing, and a lot of blood. 

Yeah, call in the babysitter for this one and have the little ones watch The Santa Clauses on Disney+ while you go and enjoy this Santa Claus in the theaters. 

David Harbour, John Leguizamo, And More Star In Violent Night 

If you’re wondering who is going to be starring in the film, David Harbour is playing the fat man himself, Santa Claus. He has been popping up more and more recently, since his starring role as Hopper in Stranger Things Season 4, and his role as Red Guardian in Black Widow – a part he is going to be reprising in Thunderbolts. Him playing Santa Claus was not on my 2022 bingo card, but here he is – kicking butt. 

John Leguizamo also plays Mr. Scrooge in Violent Night, the main foil to Santa Claus, and Leguizamo has also been appearing in more and more movies lately. Most recently, he was a part of The Menu cast, and voiced Bruno in the Encanto cast (you know, the one we don’t talk about) so it’s exciting to see him in another movie this year and showing off his action skills. 

Other stars of the film include Cam Gigandet, Alex Hassell, Alexis Louder, Edi Patterson, and Beverly D’Angelo. 

Violent Night Is Almost Two Hours Long

Be sure to bring plenty of Christmas cookies to Violent Night, as you’re going to be sitting in the theater for almost two hours. The film runs about an hour and forty-five minutes – so much time to watch Santa kick butt.

Violent Night is sure to be a Christmas classic for years to come, and now, you’re prepared for what you’re getting into before you head into the film. All I must ask now is this – are you on Santa’s nice list? Or are you naughty? You better watch out.  

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