Wait, Is Alec Baldwin’s Rust Going To Resume Filming After The Tragedy On Set?

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Over the past few years, there’s been a great deal of conversation about safety on movie sets, especially in related to stunt-related tragedies that have occured. The most recent occurred during filming for Alec Baldwin’s Rust, where a prop gun was discharged resulting in the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. But is Rust actually going to resume filming after the tragedy on set?

Production on Rust was obviously shut down (and fined heavily) after the accident that occurred on set with Alec Baldwin’s prop gun. He is also a producer on the project, which is part of what made the tragedy such a wild story. Another producer Anjul Nigam recently spoke to THR at Cannes, where he hinted that the movie might still come together. In his words,

We’re confident we’ll be able to complete the movie.

This messaging definitely turned a few heads, especially as the investigation into what happened on the set of Rust is still ongoing. And since the movie will obviously always be connected to the death of Halyna Hutchins, many were surprised to hear that it still might have a future.

This quote from Anjul Nigam quickly circulated around the internet, as the public is still very much invested in the ongoing situation surrounding the Rust investigation. So much so that Nigam actually issued a follow-up statement/clarification to THR. That new quote reads:

My statement that I was confident the film could be completed was just my optimism, and not an actual plan. Many of those who were involved hope to honor Halyna by completing her last work, but at this point it is just hope.

That’s certainly a big clarification. It looks like Anjul Nigam is merely optimistic in hoping that Rust will eventually be completed. There seemingly aren’t any plans to continue production on the already infamous Western. And according to Nigam, he thinks that completing the project someday down the line might actually honor Halyna Hutchins and the work she put into it.

The situation surrounding Rust is a unique one. Because while the investigation to the incident on set is still being investigated, some of the evidence was recently made available to the public. What’s more, Alec Baldwin recently started a new production company, presumably allowing him to continue making new projects as the investigation continues. 

There’s been plenty of blame thrown around about Halyna Hutchins’ death, by both the public and those involved in the ill-fated movie. Some pointed fingers at armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed, who filed her own lawsuit against the ammo supplier. Others have blamed Alec Baldwin for his dual role as actor and producer on the project. Baldwin has since opened up in interviews about his feelings of guilt and struggles with mental health. 

The investigation about Rust is ongoing, and sure to create more headlines in the future. In the meantime, check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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