Why Halloween Kills Didn’t Make Lindsey And Tommy Doyle Into A Couple

Anthony Michael Hall in Halloween Kills
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Spoilers ahead for Halloween Kills, which is currently in theaters and streaming on Peacock.

Halloween is nearly upon us, with movies welcoming the return of the franchise of the same name. Halloween Kills is currently available in both theaters and Peacock, and is the second installment of David Gordon Green’s trilogy. But why didn’t Lindsey Wallace (Kyle Richards) and Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall) become a couple?

Lindsey and Tommy are the two kids being babysat during John Carpenter’s 1978 original Halloween movie. In Halloween Kills we meet them as adults, with former Brat Packer Anthony Michael Hall rocking a baseball bat in the process. Many fans expected he and Kyle Richards to share a romantic connection in the movie, and he addressed that discourse, saying:

I can only speak for myself, but there’s a healthy amount of space you want to give to the other actors. But more often than not, those nuances are explored in the scene. So that was something that I calibrated and adjusted based on David’s guidance. It supports that long, enduring friendship that they have. Some people were even wondering if they would wind up married in this film or as a couple, but it’s just that bond that they’ve had since childhood.

Well, there you have it. While some Halloween fans might have expected a romantic connection between the two legacy characters, that simply wasn’t what happened on set. And according to Anthony Michael Hall, that’s largely due to the vision of filmmaker David Gordon Green.

Anthony Michael Hall’s comments to THR help to peel back the curtain on what it was like working on Halloween Kills. While he wasn’t in the original cast of John Carpenter’s movie, Hall shared scenes with a number of legacy actors like Jamie Lee Curtis and Kyle Richards. And while Lindsey and Tommy definitely shared a bond, it didn’t appear to be romantic in nature.

Halloween Kills picks up immediately after the events of the 2018 sequel, and reveals what happened to the town of Haddonfield when Michael Myers returned for another massacre. The survivors from his 1978 attack arm up to take him on themselves, including Tommy and Lindsey. And as a result, Kyle Richards and Anthony Michael Hall got the opportunity to portray the characters’ lifelong friendship.

Unfortunately for fans, Halloween Kills will seemingly be the last time we see Lindsey and Tommy share a scene in the current trilogy. Because after Haddonfield finally took down Michael Myers, the masked villain was able to miraculously rise and wipe out the angry mob. That includes Anthony Michael Hall’s character, with the actor recently addressing fan theories that Tommy lived.

Kyle Richards in Halloween Kills

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As for Kyle Richards, it appears that she might be able to appear in the upcoming threequel Halloween Ends. Lindsey was able to survive her encounter with Michael, an honor that’s basically only shared by Laurie and Allyson. David Gordon Green has been hinting at Richards’ return, although nothing’s been officially confirmed as of yet.

Halloween Kills is in theaters now and streaming on Peacock. Be sure to check out the 2021 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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