Yes, Megan Fox Is Blonde Now, But She’s Also Having The Best Time Trolling Machine Gun Kelly

What a week for Megan Fox. The actress, mom and social media personality totally rocked out on the latter this weekend thanks to sporting a new hairstyle and having a little fun at the expense of her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly. I honestly don’t know how she finds the time. 

First and foremost, the big news is that the longtime brunette has gotten a new haircut and gone blonde. We’ve actually seen her go blonde fairly recently when she wore some lighter tresses for Johnny and Clyde, a modern-day take on Bonnie and Clyde that Fox filmed after her upcoming role in the Expendables 4 cast. Regardless, her new cut also gives her bangs. Ergo she’s right on trend for the moment. 

Megan Fox screenshot of blonde hairdo Instagram Stories.

(Image credit: Megan Fox)

I’d be remiss if we didn’t start with the hairstyle. While the actress changes up her look all the time – Fox even had pink hair for a minute – her newest look is right on trend. (Though I will say it’s not ahead of trend, as she’s had a penchant for doing in the past with moments like the VMAs naked dress.) 

The hair was seemingly a distraction from a lot of trolling Fox was dealing with after she herself trolled her partner Machine Gun Kelly. The ‘Bloody Valentine’ singer and Fox have been together since 2020, and one of the facets of their relationship has always been poking a little fun at one another. (After all, Fox and MGK are multi-Razzie nominees so it's probably good they can live life with a sense of humor.) 

Megan Fox Is Trolling Us (And MGK)

In a series of Instagram Stories, Fox shared a screenshot of herself admitting in a group text that she likes “danger” in her relationships. She noted “give me some danger,” “and drama,” as well as preferring “toxic” relationships in a series of three texts in a group thread. Another person in the thread also joked, "Where am I supposed to find a 6’5” emo to entangle with though?" The other women in thread revealed “Spencer’s Gifts,” “Dollz Kill” and (of course) “Hot Topic” were the places to try.  

Of course, a lot of these comments are obviously references to Fox’s fiancé Machine Gun Kelly and how he presents himself. At one point Fox is asked how she has the energy for such “toxic” dudes and she doubles down with her own emo response.  

The traumatized and ignored child inside of me loves it.

Of course, it’s all in the name of trolling MGK, who also caught wind of the thread after she posted it to social media. He responded on his own Stories, writing “ily2 Megan Fox.’ 

It would have all ended there, but apparently people didn’t think emotional trauma and MGK’s emo personality were things that should be joked about.  After all this went down, Fox also took to social to share a collage of photos featuring herself and her musician beau. She also snarkily captioned this other Instagram Story: 

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly shelf at her home.

(Image credit: Megan Fox)

It’s not as good as that time Fox sarcastically told a troll she hoped he’d wife her, but it’s pretty good. Anyway, long story short, Megan Fox is blonde now, and she and MGK are still going strong. Now their hair might even match on their wedding day. 

Jessica Rawden
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