Megan Fox Is All Blonde Now For Her Expendables 4 Follow-Up, A Modern Take On Bonnie And Clyde

It looks like Megan Fox may be getting in pretty deep with her rapper boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly, because after referring to him as her future baby daddy, she’s dyed her hair a seriously platinum blonde to match his signature bleached hair. Okay, so the new hair is actually for a movie role following her time on The Expendables 4. Fox will star in a modernized and seemingly fantasized version of Bonnie and Clyde, Johnny and Clyde, and apparently her character is a (very) blonde bombshell. 

Quickly after sharing her badass look for The Expendables 4, Megan Fox did a complete 180 and changed her hair to a platinum blonde, a look we've rarely seen from the Transformers actress. Fox is one of the most iconic modern day brunette beauties and usually hasn't veered away from her long brown locks, but apparently she’s entering a new era. You can check out her new look in her Instagram post below:

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There’s no denying that the drastic change in hair is shocking and transformative on Megan Fox. Still utterly gorgeous, her almost grey/white hair is striking against her pale eyes. She captions the photo with a promo for Johnny and Clyde, and teases that she’s playing the devil’s daughter in the upcoming film. Apparently Fox will be playing a wealthy casino owner who the star-crossed and ill-fated lawbreakers are attempting to rob. It’s clear that the new version of the classic pair is majorly deviating from the original story, just as Fox is breaking away from her normal look.

Maybe hanging out with the Kardashians has had some effect, because Megan Fox’s new look makes her look like she’d fit right in the famous family. Other than the Kardashian comparison that is happening in the comments section of Fox’s post, the platinum hair is having a polarizing effect on fans. Some commenters are loving the look, while others are completely dragging it.

One fan has a hilariously positive reaction and comments, “Woman, step on me please.” There seem to be plenty of people who agree with the plea, the comment having replies practically fighting over the right to be Megan Fox’s doormat. Other fans seem to strongly prefer her brunette hair though, and are asking Fox to simply dye it back. Some disappointed fans are just hoping the hair is a wig, a possibility seeing as she was just filming The Expendables 4 with her natural hair. If it is a wig, it’s a damn good one. 

Megan Fox has a number of upcoming projects, but it’s unclear if she will appear as a blonde in any movie aside from Johnny and Clyde. If you’re a fan of the look, the new spin on the Bonnie and Clyde story is expected in spring 2022. If you prefer a more natural, brunette look on Fox, though, you can catch her signature brown hair in The Expendables 4 next year as well!

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