Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Are Twinning With Pink Hair In Brand New Photos

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly in the "Bloody Valentine" music video
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There was a time when the color pink was actually considered a gender-neutral color. Then in the early 1900s, pink was decided to be for girls and blue for boys when it came to clothing colors for newborn babies. Ever since then, boys have been afraid to wear pink…until musician Machine Gun Kelly stepped up to the plate. Pink hair, pink guitar, pink microphone. He’s just glowing in it and wearing it proud. He and fiancee Megan Fox have been twinning with their pink hair in brand new photos.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have been beaming with the pink looks to advertise the “Emo Girl” singer’s new Hulu documentary Life in Pink. In the Instagram photos, MGK is wearing a cotton candy swirled crop top with some hot pink hair to go with his wicked pink style. As his lady love wraps her leg around his, actress Megan Fox is donning her own pink hair (most likely a wig) as well as a pink mini dress with a sexy spaghetti strapped bra top. MGK captioned in his Instagram post “Unfortunately no tops were cropped in the making of the Life In Pink documentary.” It’s okay, there are still plenty of iconic pink fashion moments in the documentary.

These “twin flames” are clearly made for each other. The traditions the two of them partake in that others would call bizarre are similar to what Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton did during the time they were together. For one thing, they both drink each other’s blood as a symbol of love. For their wedding plans, they both plan on being as non-traditional as possible by making it an “extravagant, dark wedding” with the Jennifer’s Body actress wearing a dark colored or black dress, compared to a white wedding gown. If he could find a lady willing to lick his fake blood-filled syringe earring, she must be his soulmate.

The Hulu documentary Life in Pink is an in-depth look at Machine Gun Kelly’s life as he makes his name in the music world while dealing with heavy moments of stardom, fatherhood, and his troubling past. He had drug abuse issues in the past with alcohol, heroin, cocaine, and Adderall. The “Bloody Valentine” musician has been in therapy and he thanked his fiancee for being there for him through the dark nights he’s experienced and helping him find a new perspective on his problems. Drug addiction may be very common for people who deal with fame and dark times, but there is always hope for treatment and it helps to get through it when you have a good support system by your side.

In the documentary, MGK also recalls a moment when he almost shot himself while on the phone with Megan Fox. In 2020, his father passed away and refused to leave his room as he was paranoid that someone was going to kill him. Because the Transformers actress was a phone call away as she was filming a movie in Bulgaria, he had to call her to tell her how scared he was. When he reportedly tried to shoot himself with the barrel in his mouth, the shell got jammed. This proves that the world is not done with MGK as he needs to stick around for his fans, his 12-year-old daughter, and his bride-to-be.

If you would like to get some insight into Machine Gun Kelly’s life and music, you can watch his documentary Life in Pink on Hulu right now on your Hulu subscription

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