Want a signed copy of the script for The Dark Knight? Of course you do. Unfortunately you’ll have to help Eric Roberts promote the music of his step-son to do it.

The good news is that his son’s music isn’t ear splittingly awful or anything, and the script will only taste that much sweeter if you have to go through a little misery to get it. Of course if you do get it, we don’t actually recommend tasting it. That may severely reduce its value as a collector’s item.

The script is a copy signed by Eric Roberts, who plays mob boss Salvatore Maroni in The Dark Knight. To win, all you have to do is put the widget which I’ve provided below this post on your MySpace page. Don’t have a MySpace page? I salute you. Consider making one just for this purpose and then deleting that noise as soon as you get the script. Here’s the full details on how to enter and what you’ll get if you’re successful from the contest MySpace Page.

Grand Prize: “The Dark Knight” script signed by Eric Roberts, dinner with Eric Roberts, and a personal video message from Eric to add to your MySpace or Facebook profile.

2nd and 3rd Prize: “The Dark Knight” script signed by Eric Roberts

All Participants: Never before released track by Keaton Simons.

How to Win:
1. Place the Keaton Simons’ Reverbnation.com Widget on your Myspace.com Profile OR have a Keaton Simons song on your MySpace.com profile. Widget or song must remain posted for the duration of the contest. We will be checking randomly.

2. Once the Widget/Song is placed on your profile, send a message to myspace.com/keatondarkknightcontest with your name and email address.

3. If you don’t have a MySpace.com profile, but have a Facebook.com profile, Place the Reverbnation Widget on your Facebook.com, and send your name and email address with a link to your Facebook profile to: [email protected]

Contest Rules: - Keaton Simons Reverbnation widget or Keaton Simons song must remain on your MySpace/Facebook profile for the duration of the contest. Removal of widget or song before the end of the contest will result in disqualification.

Contest will end September 20, 2008.


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