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With Brad Bird’s newest movie, Ratatouille about to hit theaters, he’s free to start thinking about his next project. Is there any chance it’ll be Incredibles 2? Bird tells the AP he’s full of Incredibles ideas.

Bird says, “I love the world. I love the characters, and if I could come with a story that was as good or better than the original, I'd go there in a second. I have pieces of things that I would love to see in a sequel, but I haven't got them all together yet, and I certainly wouldn't want to come out there with something that is less than the original. ... Sequels are not part of the business plan at Pixar. It's all about the filmmakers being passionate about going somewhere.”

Sequels may not be Pixar’s normal mode of operation, but they have done them. Toy Story got a sequel, and another is on the way because they had another story to tell that they were passionate about. It sounds like Brad Bird is pretty passionate about The Incredibles, and if Ratatouille does as well at the box office as most people think it will, I have to believe that Pixar will support another Incredibles movie.

What are the chances that Ratatouille will be a hit? I can’t tell you. Not because I don’t know (I’ve already seen it) but because the suits and Disney, who seem to have lost their ever-lovin mind, won’t let me. I’ve had my mouth duct taped shut. If I offer any opinion on the film at all, they’ll ban Cinema Blend from all future Disney screenings. The same goes for any critic who attended a viewing of the film at a Disney sponsored press event, bizarre since anybody could have walked up and bought a ticket to the public pre-release showings on Saturday (which is where CB’s Rafe Telsch saw it for his review). I wish they’d told me about this before I showed up to see it, I’d have skipped it and waited to see it with the masses. Hey Disney, what are you worried about? Critics have historically been kind to Pixar films. Get off our backs and let us talk about Brad Bird’s new movie.