Success is a fickle mistress. Hollywood icons – like shooting stars – often are burning bright one moment, then tumbling down to earth the next. And it’s getting harder and harder to predict success nowadays. Superhero pictures and Star Wars stories may be a given. But with so many entertainment options available to the modern consumer, a movie really needs to have a massive hook to land an audience… and sustain a silver-screen performer’s career.

These 10 stars understand. They once sat on a Hollywood pedestal, collecting accolades and enjoying financial perks after cranking out hit after hit. But the well of creativity has run dry for these once bankable talents, and they could use a hit to boost them back up to the high echelon of Hollywood royalty. Hey casting agents? Give these guys a call if you have a juicy role on your radars, m’kay?

Bruce Willis
Last hit: As the member of a cast, G.I. Joe: Retaliation ($122.5 million domestically). As a lead, though, you have to go back to 2012’s Looper or 2007’s Live Free or Die Hard, which earned $$134.5 million.

Recent misses: Willis has struggled to draw crowds to Sin City 2, Lay the Favorite, The Cold Light of Day, Cop Out and Surrogates. Also, A Good Day to Die Hard wildly underperformed in 2013, earning $67.3M domestically.

Next chance: Willis continues to struggle. He has Vice later this year, and is in Rock the Kasbah, which has potential. But his most recent project, Wake, shut down due to lack of financing. He has been added to the next Woody Allen picture, but Allen doesn’t deliver smash hits anymore. Die Hard 6, anyone?

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