While DC Comics and Warner Bros. don't have as many live action movies as Marvel (be it directly from Marvel Studios or another company), they still have a fair amount in their library. Most of them have been Batman and Superman focused, but starting next year, the DC Extended Universe will spend more time exploring heroes other than the Man of Steel and the Caped Crusader (though they’ll still get plenty of attention). Of course, it’s important to remember the movies that didn’t get made. For instance, there was Green Arrow: Escape from Super Max, the story that would have featured the Emerald Archer trapped in an Alcatraz-like super villain prison, and that’s just one example.

We spend quite a bit of our time writing about upcoming superhero movies on Cinema Blend, but for this piece, we’re turning back the clock and taking a look at the DC movies that never saw the light of day. Whether they were about Batman, Superman, or more obscure characters, these failed projects give insight into how DC tried to expand on their cinematic offerings once upon a time. Take a look at the entries never realized.

Batman Unchained
Batman Unchained
Timeframe: 1996-1999

Creative Talent: Joel Schumacher (director), Mark Protosevich (writer), George Clooney (Batman), Chris O’Donnell (Robin).

Why It Didn’t Get Made: Before Batman & Robin hit theaters, Warner Bros. had already approached Joel Schumacher about directing a fifth Batman film. Fans originally knew it as Batman Triumphant, but it was recently revealed that it was actually called Batman Unchained. Wanting to bring the franchise back to its darker roots, the movie would have featured Scarecrow as the main villain, and his fear gas would have made Batman hallucinate many of his previous enemies, including Jack Nicholson’s Joker. Harley Quinn would have also been the supporting villain, but in this continuity, she would have been Joker’s daughter out for revenge. However, after Batman & Robin’s terrible reception, WB opted to go in a different direction, and the script was reworked to become Batman: DarKnight, another failed Caped Crusader project.

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