Yesterday, it was reported that Jason Statham is being looked at to play Bullseye in Daredevil Season 2. While Marvel claims there’s no truth to this rumor, many have thought that this would be a good fit for the actor given his vast experience in action movies like The Transporter and The Expendables. However, even if he doesn’t end up fighting Matt Murdock next year, there are still plenty of other evildoers that he could portray should he choose.

Statham was recently critical of Marvel’s CGI action sequences, and he’s said in the past that he’s not a fan of superhero movies. So realistically, him joining a comic book movie doesn’t sound like it’s in the cards.That being said, it’s always fun to play the "What If?" game. Assuming that we live in a world where Statham would be willing to jump into the world of superheroes and breathe life into a supervillain, here are ten villains we think he could play.

Typically Spider-Man’s winged foe is older and not physically imposing, but there’s nothing wrong with making him more of a badass. Vulture is one of the Spider-Man villains that hasn’t appeared yet on the big screen yet, and with the next Spider-Man solo film only a couple years away, Adrian Toomes is a prime candidate for the first adversary the new Web-Slinger faces. Admittedly, Statham’s bald head is part of the reason he was chosen for this role (like several of the other entries on this list), but even going beyond that, Statham’s stunt work experience would give him an advantage for action sequences involving that wing harness the character wears. Add in a little bit of that intensity that Statham has brought to various projects, and we have a unique interpretation of Vulture for the MCU.

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