I don’t have any siblings. As the spoiled product of my parents’ undivided affection, I’m obviously fine with that, but deep down, there’s always been a part of me that feels like I sorta missed out by not having a brother. More often than not, I can stifle that longing and pretend it doesn’t exist, but during certain movies with fun, over-the-top brother relationships, my sad panda face involuntarily comes out a little bit. I can’t help it.

There’s just something about the whole love/ hate dynamic of growing up with another dude in the house that feels like it would be awesome. Throwing punches at each other right before dinner. Working together to concoct elaborate plans that involve jumping off the roof. Always trying to one-up the other in terms of grades, jobs and the hotness of significant others. It sounds like an amazing and stressful ordeal.

Luckily, there are more than a few movies that come out every year that tackle brotherly love/ hate relationships head on and allow brother-less viewers to live vicariously through them. So, in honor of Thor and Loki’s bitter, violent and oddly touching relationship that’s hitting theaters for the third time, Cinema Blend has decided to circle back and celebrate 10 of the greatest love-hate brother relationships ever committed to film.

Brennan Huff and Dale Doback As Seen In Step Brothers
Dale and Brennan aren’t big fans of half-assing anything (except their life trajectories), and that includes their dangerous and hysterical brotherly relationship. If they feel like fighting, one of them is going to end up buried alive. If they feel like making up, they will do as many activities as possible together twenty-four hours a day. Shark Week? They will both watch that shit all day. Low end job interview? They’ll each tuxedo up. Neither of these two believe in the shallow end.

Every single bad habit Brennan and Dale have, they share. As human beings, there is about an eighty or ninety percent overlap. Consequently, any bad idea that pops into either of their brains is immediately seconded, especially if it involves boats and/ or hoes, and every single minor slight is blown wildly out of proportion, especially if it involves either of their birth parents.

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