It’s been said here more than once, and will likely be said again, but it’s a great time to be a Star Wars fan. We’ve got a new movie on the way with J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a strong animated series on TV in Star Wars Rebels, and a ton of comic books on store shelves. There are also novels and games, and, in addition to all the rest, a whole other line of movies on the way with the so-called "anthology" films, the standalone spinoffs that will poke into heretofore unexplored corners of that far, far away galaxy.

The first of these, the Gareth Edwards-directed Star Wars: Rogue One, is due in theaters December of 2016—the second suffered a setback over the weekend as director Josh Trank left the project, possibly being fired. Rogue One tells the story of the heist of the plans for the first Death Star. A while back, Lucasfilm decided that the Expanded Universe isn’t official canon anymore and scrapped all of that work, though they’ve said it could be used to source new stories. There is so much out there, not only in the EU, but the rest of the universe as well, that there are already tons of great stories and awesome characters. In that spirit, here are some of our favorite side characters who we would like to see get their own movies.

Admittedly, Chewbacca isn’t exactly a side character, as he’s one of the most beloved members of the Star Wars family. But Wookiees live for hundreds of years, and it’s been said that by the time A New Hope rolled around, Chewie was already pretty damn old. This means that, at some point, the giant walking carpet had to have a life before he threw in with Han Solo, and that time could make for one hell of a movie. He has a rich life in the Expanded Universe, even famously being killed off a few years back, and fans would love to experience more of his adventures onscreen. How did he wind up with Han? What steps did he take to get from the Wookiee home world of Kashyyyk to fighting against the Galactic Empire with a haphazard group of upstart insurgents? There’s a story there, and it’s one we want to see.

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