While Jason Lorne Craig was on the job as a radio announcer, he accidentally breathed in "ionized atoms" from a nearby atomic facility that passed through his microphone. This awakened his latent mutation and gave him the power to control anyone within earshot of him when he spoke. He came into conflict with Ant-Man while he was using his power to get rich, and after several failed attempts, the tiny hero was able to defeat him by using a device that caused the villain’s voice to become hoarse, thus neutralizing his control over his victims.

In order to make Voice more fitting for Ant-Man and The Wasp, his power would need to be enhanced. Being able to control people is certainly a cool ability, but considering how action-packed superhero movies are, it doesn’t allow for the villain to fight the hero directly, as opposed to just sending his mind-controlled drones to attack. Perhaps his ability starts out being the same as it is in the comics, but later, he goes through some kind of procedure that allows him to use his voice offensively in battle. Think along the lines of Black Canary over at DC Comics. Of course, like Whirlwind, his ability would also have to be attributed to something other than being a mutant.

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