It’s difficult to continue defending a film that you have enjoyed when the star of said movie admits the blockbuster has problems. I’ve been vocal of my support of the work director Marc Webb did on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and continues to do with his current Spider-Man saga. But following the pointed quotes of Peter Parker himself, Andrew Garfield, it’s hard not to acknowledge that Spider-Man’s cinematic universe has issues that need to be addressed before it continues.

The future looked bright for Sony’s wall-crawling hero. He had a third and fourth story on the docket, and a possible appearance in a standalone Sinister Six movie. Now plans are murky. Fluid. Uncertain. So we have seven items we’d love to see addressed – and repaired – to help get everyone back on board for The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

Spider-Man one villain
Focus On One Villain
Stop trying to build a massive universe, or lay the groundwork for a Sinister Six movie. The Amazing Spider-Man 3 needs to place a laser focus on one adversary – preferably one of Spider-Man’s two chief villains. That would be the Green Goblin, or Doctor Octopus. There’s a reason why Sam Raimi started his eventual trilogy with those key nemeses. Marc Webb drifted closer to this inevitability by casting Chris Cooper as Norman Osborn. And there were hints to Doctor Octopus dropped into The Amazing Spider-Man 2, with his trademark mechanical arms featured in the vaults at OsCorp. But the next standalone Spider-Man series needs to give complete focus and full attention to one villain, creating reasons for Peter Parker and this threat to continuously lock horns. Don’t split time between numerous villains who have scattered, unfocused and/or watered-down motivations. Choose one Spider-Man villain, then give that character proper attention.

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