Captain America has been one of pop culture’s most prominent superheroes for 75 years, serving not just as the United States’ patriotic defender, but also fighting for what’s right no matter what. This mission extends to live action, as we’ve watched Chris Evans’ iteration of the character fight for justice across two solo movies, soon to be three with Captain America: Civil War, and two Avengers movies. Whether it was in World War II or in the present day, Steve has proved himself as one of the MCU’s greatest protectors.

We’ve seen Captain America beat up many villains over the years, from HYDRA agents to Ultron drones, but what makes him special isn’t just his Super Soldier abilities or his uncanny shield throwing. There have been key moments where he’s taken action that proved he’s able to inspire others or has been willing to sacrifice his life for the greater good. Before Captain America: Civil War arrives later this week, we’re highlighting Steve’s most heroic moments in the MCU so far, when he went above and beyond the call of duty.

Covering The Dummy Grenade
Covering The Dummy Grenade
It’s been made perfectly clear in Captain America: The First Avenger that even before Steve Rogers was injected with the Super Soldier Serum, he was always courageous. His determination to join the army despite being rejected numerous times would have been enough proof of that, but the point was really driven home when he was in boot camp. Not believing Dr. Abraham Erskine’s assessment of Steve, Colonel Chester Phillips tossed a dummy grenade at the recruits and passed it off as the real deal. The other soldiers, all bigger and stronger, ran for cover, but scrawny Steve didn’t think twice about jumping on top of the grenade to shield the blast. This "test" didn’t prove Phillips’ point like he intended, but further strengthened Erskine’s belief that Steve was the right man to be given his serum.

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