When Nick Fury Will Return To The Marvel Movies, According To Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury has become a staple of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since its creation. He’s a character that could appear in almost any Marvel film, serving as a connective bridge between all the movies. That was what his role was largely in Phase One and his appearance meant that it was all connected. His role diminished a little in Phase Two with his last appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron serving as more of a souped-up cameo. Many have wondered what Nick Fury’s role will be in Phase Three and how many movies Jackson is still contracted to appear in. Now the actor has given us some definitive information on when we can next see the ex-Director of SHIELD.

Speaking with Fandango for his upcoming role in this summer's The Legend of Tarzan, Samuel L. Jackson answered some questions on which Marvel movie his Nick Fury will be appearing in next:

I think I'm in Avengers 3 and 4, but I'm not in Civil War,

Not exactly definitive, but it’s a pretty good answer. It seemed logical that Nick Fury would have some dogs in the fight for Captain America: Civil War (he did create the Avengers, after all), but in a movie that already stars every Avenger, there might not have been any room for the super spy. So, it’ll be awhile before fans will see Fury again. Avengers: Infinity War Part I and II aren’t scheduled for release until 2018 and 2019 respectively. That’s a lot of years without any Nick Fury, but nothing seems to be set in stone. Nick Fury is something of an after credits scene master, so it’s not ridiculous to think he might appear at the end of movies like Black Panther or Doctor Strange.

It was previously speculated that Nick Fury could appear in Thor: Ragnarok. Samuel L. Jackson was previously filming Kong: Skull Island on Australia’s Golden Coast right before Thor: Ragnarok begins filming in the same location. It’s not hard to believe that Jackson could simply go from one set to the other but it seems he won’t be making an appearance. This could be for the best; it is pretty difficult to see Nick Fury in a movie that’s been described as an intergalactic road movie with Thor and Hulk.

As far as appearing in Infinity War Part I and II, that makes much more sense. It’s been reported that those films will have around 67 characters appearing and it would be crazy to think that Nick Fury wouldn’t be one of them. If every hero on earth is going to battle a villain as big as Thanos, then someone needs to be the guy helping to run the show and keep everyone informed and focused. That’s a job that just screams Nick Fury.

It may be awhile before you can see Nick Fury, but Captain America: Civil War is right around the corner and opens May 6, 2016

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