The Spider-Man film franchise is dealing with major problems right now. After the mixed reviews and lower-than-expected box office return of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Sony has been shifting their plans for the web-slinger’s cinematic universe. Changes range from pushing Sinister Six to 2016 and The Amazing Spider-Man 3 to 2018, to even rumored contemplations of an Aunt May movie. The Sony email hacks have only further elaborated on the behind-the-scenes drama of the series, and if something isn’t done soon, Spidey may end up suffering more in the movies. Whether you’re a casual viewer or hardcore Spider-fan, this obviously isn’t idea.

It’s been reported that later this month will see a "Spider summit", held for Sony executives to decide exactly what the future of the Spider-Man franchise should be. One way or the other, it’s all the more important that the studio starts making some big changes if they’re going to improve the wall-crawler’s big screen situation. Fortunately, we have some suggestions on how they can improve their current dilemma and save this franchise. Sony executives, make sure to take notes!

7. Less Focus On OsCorp
7. Less Focus On OsCorp
Thus far, all of the Spider-Man villains in this film series have connections to OsCorp, whether it’s through the technology they use or how they obtained their powers. We get it - this company is running some sketchy experiments and has inadvertently led to super villains being created. While they do still need to wrap up the storyline of Richard Parker’s work for the company, it would be a good idea if this series stopped using the company as a crutch, especially when it comes to Spider-Man’s rogues gallery. In the comics, Spidey’s bad guys come from all walks of life. Their origins aren’t all rooted from one source. Let’s move away from OsCorp and start delving into other areas of the Spidey mythos. Surely there are other ways to turn to the dark side besides being tainted by a massive conglomerate.

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