Abigail Breslin Could Star In Kristin Hannah's The Things We Do For Love

Though its not something Abigail Breslin's agent or publicist would want to hear, I will always see her as the little girl dancing around on stage at the end of Little Miss Sunshine. That said, she has matured quite a bit in the last few years, both as an actress and in her project selection. And it looks like her next movie could fit right in with that shift.

Deadline has learned that Breslin is being looked at for the lead in an adaptation of novelest Kristin Hannah's The Things We Do For Love. Should Breslin sign on she would play Lauren Ribido, a poor, pregnant seventeen-year-old who forges a relationship with an older woman who has been unable to have a child of her own. When the woman asks Lauren if she needs a place to stay, it leads to a chain of events that will affect both their lives in a significant way. The site doesn't mention who will be writing the script or directing, but the project is being developed by SPB Productions.

In other Kristin Hannah news, Chris Columbus and 1942 Films have acquired the rights to the author's book Home Front and Columbus is also planning to direct. Released on the first of this month, the story is about the Zarkades family, who, from the outside look perfectly happy and content, but the truth is that the marriage holding the relationship together is crumbling and leading toward divorce. When the mother, a Blackhawk pilot in the National Guard, is deployed to Iraq, the family must fight to stay together.

There isn't any information regarding production schedules for either film.

Eric Eisenberg
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