In the face of fanboys decrying a reboot to Spider-Man so soon after Sam Raimi's completed his trilogy, Sony has been pushing hard to show audiences what makes The Amazing Spider-Man a thrilling new entry into the superhero genre. They've released a slew of trailers, showcasing the film's sick stunts and slick CGI, and offered a "super preview" complete with a jaw-dropping (and car-dropping) rescue scene, along with so many stills it's downright dizzying.

Personally, I felt the producers were running the risk of over-exposing the new adventure of Spider-Man well before it hit theaters in July 3rd. But now with the latest clip—unveiled on Yahoo—I've changed my tune, since this vid shows something I've long been hoping for:

While I enjoyed Raimi's trilogy—yes, even Spider-Man 3—this clip of Andrew Garfield's web-slinger fleeing cops through the hectic scuffle of New York City traffic has totally re-invigorated my desire to dive into The Amazing Spider-Man. In this uninterrupted clip, we get a good look at the new Spidey suit in action, as well as some pretty impressive below-bridge swinging. The blend of stunt work and CGI is pretty seamless, and the tone smartly captures Peter Parker's thrill of being a vigilante hero. But the element that hit me hardest is his indignant declaration, "Hey! I'm swinging here! I'm swinging here!" Not only a reference to the iconic Midnight Cowboy, but also a great one-liner from a true New Yorker superhero. Finally, I've got a glimpse of the snarky wit I felt was absent from Raimi's webhead. Okay, Sony, you've got my attention…again.

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