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Ant-Man: Corey Stoll And Evangeline Lilly Finally Got Assigned Roles

So a little bit of this Ant-Man movie has come to light. Amidst all the bad news , dropouts and negative buzz, most of us never bothered to learn what the movie was all about. Given people don't know much about Ant-Man overall, it was hard to point to a certain villain or antagonist and claim, "That's the dude that's going to start shit in this movie." Well, now we know, and it seems the stories are being changed around a bit.

San Diego Comic Con's Ant-Man panel in Hall H has revealed that Corey Stoll is playing Yellowjacket and Evangeline Lilly will be Hope Van Dyne. Here's where it gets colorful: Yellowjacket is going to be the villain of the piece, and Van Dyne is going to be the daughter of Michael Douglas' Hank Pym, going by Hope Pym.

Stoll's character is Darren Cross, who will attempt to steal Hank Pym's Pym Particle technology that allows you to shrink or grow. In the comics, Cross is a different character, the founder of Cross Technological Enterprises, an evil corporation that clashes in the corporate world with Stark International and OsCorp – the former rivalry might come into play in the new movie. Yellowjacket, of course, is also an alternate identity used by Ant-Man in the comics, back when he had the first of many identity crises.

Lilly's Van Dyne, meanwhile, is actually the daughter of Janet Van Dyne, otherwise known as Ant-Man's girlfriend Janet Van Dyne, aka the Wasp. There's no mention of the Wasp, but she's probably going to be close to Michael Douglas' age. In other words, unless the Avengers recruit an elderly Wasp to their team, the hero's identity will be given to another character at a later time. Possibly a surprise new character ?

Ant-Man opens July 17th, 2015.