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Ant-Man Could Undergo A Big Change In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

The merchandise game that is always a big part of any major movie release can be interesting. In order to produce everything that fans are going to want, and have it ready when the movie comes out, it has to be produced months in advance. This means that sometimes details about a movie that are kept hidden from the public may be revealed when the toys come out. This makes us wonder what might be happening with Captain America: Civil War since a new toy release shows us a character we haven’t seen before, sort of.

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As part of the Funko Pop vinyl toy release for Captain America: Civil War we will see a figure for Giant-Man. In Marvel Comics, Hank Pym (or Scott Lang) is able to both shrink himself to become Ant-Man, or make himself grow to massive proportions, becoming Giant-Man. So, is this a hint of what’s to come for Scott Lang in Civil War.

The tweet announcing the new figure specifies both on the packaging and in the text that this is for Captain America: Civil War. While this could be a simple excuse to release a new figure along with the movie, since they already released an Ant-Man figure when that movie came out, it’s also possible that Marvel asked them to create it, knowing the character would be seen growing large in the movie.

While we know that Paul Rudd will be making an appearance in Captain America: Civil War as Scott Lang, the end credits sequence of the last movie in the MCU implied that he’ll be showing up to assist Captain America in some way, but beyond that we don’t know much. We did not see Ant-Man in the movie’s trailer, so we don’t know what else he might be doing. Giant-Man would certainly be a "big" help to Cap in a fight, though, Ant-Man also showed us that he can hold his own while fighting an Avenger at a small size, too.

Merchandise and movie spoilers have been in the news recently as Hasbro has been under fire for not including Rey in the version of Monopoly released alongside Star Wars: The Force Awakens. According to that toy company, the reason that they did not include Rey was because the game, promoted long before the movie, would have given away details about Rey prior to the film hitting screens. While the inclusion of Giant-Man is hardly a Force Awakens level spoiler, it could certainly be one.

Are you looking forward to seeing Scott Lang transform into Giant-Man in Captain America: Civil War, or are you just glad you’ll be able to increase the size of your ever increasing vinyl toy collection? Let us know either way below.

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