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Remember how a waitress in a single shot of The Avengers looked awfully familiar, and then we discovered she played Chrissy on Growing Pains as a child? We then wondered why she had wound up in the film in such a small part, only to hear that she'd had a bigger role before getting edited down in the final cut. Now, thanks to the wonders of deleted scenes and the new Marvel Phase One box set, we can see how her character's arc would have gone had it made the final cut.

In fact, that scene is just one of the many brand-new ones revealed on the box set, which has also given us our first look behind the scenes of Thor: The Dark World and shown off some concept art from even more future Marvel films. Thanks to MTV you can watch more of the deleted scenes below, all of them also providing a glimpse into the special effects, since a lot of them are unfinished in the versions below.

Want to see Thor attempt to destroy the Tesseract on top of Stark Tower? Here you go!

Want to see a previously unseen conversation between Loki and the alien "other" who was commanding him? Plus an example of how good Tom Hiddleston is at acting when there's obviously nothing around him? Take a look!

How about what looks like a very expensive scene, complete with flaming cars and wire work, of Captain America saving a family? Well, it's right here too:

Watch three more solid scenes below, and if you like what you see, pick up the Marvel Phase One box set via Amazon or anywhere else, really.