Breck Eisner Will Make Dracula Fight Jack The Ripper

The Crazies director Breck Eisner seems to have the work rolling in these days after first signing up for the Escape From New York remake and now he's tackling the Dracula vs Jack the Ripper battle royal Blood of the Innocent.

What is Blood of the Innocentyou ask? Why not get the scoop straight from Mark Wheatly, the comic book creator responsible for the graphic novel. He tells Fearnet, "It's Dracula vs Jack the Ripper. That's it. That's the whole concept."

Sounds good to me except that Eisner went on to say that, apparently, some meddling studios have suggested making Jack the Ripper a vampire. Oh, and there's an underlying love story which seems to be a mandatory when dealing with vampires these days. "I should point out that an underpinning of the story is a romance between Dracula and a woman,” said Wheatly. At least he's warning us ahead of time.

Still, I can't help but wonder aloud how awesome a balls to the wall, R-rated, non-3D (I'm sure that's inevitable) slobberknocker of a fight between Dracula and Jack the Ripper would play out if it were given the room to breathe. And by that I mean not trying to pander to the Twilight crowd.