New Batmobile

Batman Vs Superman might be one of the most exciting projects in years, but because it’s so far away, it’s hard for many people to get fully excited about it. We don’t have any pictures, posters, movie trailers, clips or merchandise to pin it to reality. It’s just an idea people are working on, or at least it was until this morning when Zach Snyder shocked everyone by teasing a photo of the new Batmobile (name pending) for Batman Vs Superman! We have it for you too, and as you can see above, it is awesome!

In addition to dropping this photo via his official Twitter account, he also threw in a little added tease to when we might be seeing Bruce Wayne's new wheels in their entirety: This is far from a confirmation that tomorrow will be the day, but it's also too heavy handed of a tease for Snyder to just walk away like a taunting god of deceit. Still, just looking at what's in front of us, we can start to pick out some details that hint towards what's under the tarp. Let's start with the exposed rear section of the vehicle, which already looks like it's going to take more of a dragster car approach in its design. The huge spoiler, and the car's longer nature are the two major clues that hint towards that possibility. However, look at the tires, which look very similar to something we've seen before.

The Tumbler

The bigger, almost monster truck-ish tires hint at the off roading capability that Christopher Nolan's Tumbler had in The Dark Knight Trilogy. Even some of the body work that's visible between the two tires is reminiscent of the vehicle that was most recently Batman's chariot of justice. However, going back to the longer shape of the car, we see yet another classical influence at work, and it's that of Tim Burton's 1989 Batmobile from Batman.

Batmobile 89

Batman's Batmobile had a longer shape to it, but not the off-roading capability that The Tumbler boasted. Still, the longer shape did help accommodate better weapons systems, as well as a better ratio of bulletproof surfacing and easier ejection functionality. Unfortunately, that was about all the longer shaped vehicle had going for it, as the handling was a little less than ideal, and only really handy if Batman were able to speed down a straightaway. Metropolis looks to be just as forgiving with its road system as Gotham City is, if not less so, thanks to the construction that must still be going on during the events of Batman vs. Superman.

Zach Snyder has just bought himself a good 24 hours of speculation and fan banter, as this latest peek into the jewel in DC's cinematic crown is ready to send the world into a frenzy. Which can only mean bad news for Sony's portion of the Marvel franchise, as The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will more than likely be drowned out by this news as well as the impending force of destruction that is Godzilla. If I were a Sony executive, I'd either be on the phone with Drew Goddard right now asking how quickly Sinister Six could start properly teasing itself to the public, or I'd be on the phone to Marvel Studios and asking how much they're willing to offer for insect removal services. It sounds harsh, but Sony is in need of some bona-fide hits and the nice chunk of change paid for Spider-Man's services could go a long way to climbing back out of the hole.

Batman vs. Superman will clash with Captain America 3 on May 6th, 2016. You can bet once we have confirmation of a full Batmobile reveal, we'll cover it faster than Clark Kent puts his glasses on.
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