Could Wolverine Appear In Deadpool 2? Here's What Hugh Jackman Said

We saw Wolverine and Deadpool throw down once on screen, but it was... less than stellar. The version of Deadpool that ended up as part of X-Men Origins: Wolverine was really Deadpool in name only. With a new, and proper, Deadpool on the verge of becoming a reality, is there any chance we might get a rematch?

This is exactly the question that Yahoo asked Hugh Jackman at Sundance this week. The actor has said that he’s just about done playing Wolverine with one more, thus far unofficial, role in X-Men: Apocalypse and then a final bow in a standalone film, if they can ever get the script right. But would the actor add one more movie to the list in order to take down Deadpool one more time? Here’s what he said.

I’ve never thought about it till now, but doing something with Ryan – he’s awesome – that’s always attractive to me. But I think you’ve probably got several other people lined up to play [Wolverine].

Translation: Could we see Deadpool vs Wolverine in the future? Possibly. Could we see Hugh Jackman vs. Ryan Reynolds? Almost certainly not. While Jackman admits to really liking working with Ryan Reynolds, the prospect of doing so apparently isn’t so enticing that it would cause Jackman to go back on his decision to hang up the adamantium claws. This response isn’t exactly surprising. If Jackman is ready to move on, then he really needs to stick with it. Having said that, we would have loved to have seen these two on screen together again, in a scene where Wade Wilson could actually speak.

We’re not quite as sure as Hugh Jackman is that there are people lined up to play Wolverine at this point. As iconic as the character is, Jackman has owned the role for nearly two decades. Anybody who jumps into that part is going to be immediately compared to the man before he ever makes it to the screen. It’s far from clear that Fox is even expecting to simply continue with the part with a new actor in it after Jackman leaves. There may be a period of years where the X-Men franchise focuses elsewhere. We fully expect somebody will pick up the role eventually, but the sooner they do it, the tougher it’s going to be for them.

How much would you like to see an on-screen fight between Wolverine and a real Deadpool? It’s unfortunate that we will likely never see it. We will get to see the real Deadpool, however, when the film finally hits screen February 12. We’ll just have to count our blessings.

Dirk Libbey
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