Daisy Ridley, Surrounded By Episode 8 Characters, Gets The Perfect Gift For Star Wars Day

Today is May the Fourth, so get ready to see a lot of Star Wars related material all over the internet. As it turns out, if you’re part of the Star Wars universe, May the Fourth is actually a gift giving holiday. As such, John Boyega was a good co-star and gave Daisy Ridley a lovely present. Himself, in action figure form. All she was trying to do was thank people for donating to charity.

May the Fourth is the end of the most recent charity push for the Star Wars: Force for Change initiative. To that end Daisy Ridley’s video is primarily a big thank you to those who have contributed (although you can still donate today if you haven’t yet). However, she’s interrupted during her thank you and is presented with the gift, which she apparently knows is from John Boyega, even though there’s no card or note, and he’s not the one giving it to her. It does become obvious to the rest of us, however, once we see what the gift is. And Daisy Ridley is incredibly excited to receive it. Can’t you tell?

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While most of us have never had an action figure made in our likeness (yet) we figure the desire to give it away as a gift would likely just be too strong. Still, there are some serious issues here. Who gives somebody an action figure as a gift out of the box? Was John Boyega using this one before he gave it away? Is this a second-hand action figure? Regardless, what if Daisy Ridley wanted to hold on to her new Finn action figure and try to get it to retain its value? Without the original packaging, the thing is essentially useless. What’s she supposed to do? Play with it? It’s an action figure.

On the plus side, we do get introduced to a handful of Star Wars: Episode VIII characters which look fun and interesting. And of course there's our favorite new droid, BB-8. Although he appears to be having some difficulty dealing with stairs.

For what it’s worth, Star Wars: Force For Change has raised over $2 million in the last month alone. We have a sneaking suspicion his video was shot some time ago, as Daisy Ridley never mentions specific numbers. It’s an incredibly massive amount of cash in such a short period. Half of the total came from donations and the charity matched every donation up to $1 million.

Dirk Libbey
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